VMP Tuning Mustang Parts

If you are looking to add serious horsepower to your Mustang, VMP tuning is the solution! Late Model Restoration carries a wide variety of performance VMP tuning Mustang parts ranging from superchargers, pulley kits, tuner kits, heat exchangers, boost a pumps, high flow inlet elbows, and much more. These high performance parts can be used on 03-04 Cobras, 07-09 GT500s, 13-14 GT500s, and 11-14 Mustang GTs. With custom tuning options, you can easily increase your Mustang's horsepower by up to 100+ horsepower depending on application and modifications. The VMP supercharger kits and power packs are offered with various performance parts including SCT 3015 tuners, JLT cold air intakes, and VMP throttle bodies. Pick up your VMP tuning Mustang parts at Late Model Restoration today and get the most out of your motor!

  • VMP Tuning Mustang Parts

Supercharger Kits

LatemodelRestoration.com is proud to offer the super powerful VMP Supercharger Kits and upgrade blowers. The 2011-14 5.0L Mustang supercharger kits from VMP Performance are an easy way to seriously boost your horsepower numbers. 600+ HP is easily attainable with these kits thanks to the 2.3L TVS Supercharger. We also offer upgraded blower options for 03-04 SVT Cobras & 07-12 Shelby GT500s.

Heat Exchangers

Cooling the intake charge on your supercharged Mustang is the key to reliable horsepower! The VMP Dual Fan Heat Exchangers are they ultimate cooling mod for your forced induction Mustang. These kits include a MASSIVE heat exchanger with 2 electric fans that help kit air flowing through the heat exchanger. Perfect for staging lanes at the drag strip or simply sitting in traffic!

Supercharger Pulley Kits

VMP Performance has simplified the supercharger pulley removal and installation process with their supercharger tool kits. Combine these tool kits with a VMP supercharger pulley and you will see serious horsepower gains from your supercharged Mustang. Don’t forget to order your VMP custom tune to maximize your performance!

Intake & Fuel Mods

VMP Performance carries a complete line of air intake and fuel mods for your Mustang. These include their MASSIVE twin 67mm throttle body and high flow inlet elbow for supercharged Mustangs. We also offer the plug-and-play VMP boost-a-pump kit for simple fuel system upgrades. Improve your intake and fuel delivery systems with any of these great VMP performance products!

VMP Tuning Mustang Parts Tech Info

VMP Tuning was started by Justin Starkey in 1999 and has been a leader in Ford performance since the beginning. VMP Tuning has made a name for itself with their custom mail order tunes using SCT’s powerful software. Justin Starkey’s extensive tuning knowledge comes from his previous experience of being part of SCT’s technical support staff. His countless hours of tuning, research and development have led to the best Mustang mail order custom tunes.

VMP Tuning also offers are complete line of supercharger kits, blower upgrades, plug-n-play boost-a-pumps, and more performance mods. We are excited to offer their complete line of performance products for everything from Shelby GT500s to 5.0L Coyote powered Mustangs.