Fox Body Coyote Swap Guide & Parts List

Fox Body Coyote Swap Guide & Parts List - Fox Body Coyote Swap Guide & Parts List

Fox Body Mustang Coyote Swap Parts List

Pick Your Block:
  • Gen. 1 Coyote Long Block: M6006M50A1 (not fully assembled)
  • Gen. 2 Coyote Engine: M6007M50A
  • Aluminator Engine: M6007A50NAA
  • Junkyard 2011 to 2017 GT Engine
  • Junkyard F-150 Engine (10.5:1 compression and slightly different camshafts)
Pick Your Transmission:
  • T5 (Bolt Up Application)
  • T45 (Bolt Up Application)
  • TR3650 (Bolt Up Application)
  • 03-04 Cobra T-56 (Bolt Up Application)
  • T56 Magnum (Will Need A Quicktime Housing, 8 Bolt 96-04 Flywheel, Any 10.5" or 11" Clutch Depending On Transmission Input Splines)
  • TKO 500/600
  • 4R70W Automatic (Will Need An 8 Bolt Flexplate
  • 6r80 (Using M6017M50A Control Pack)
Get A Coyote Swap Kit: Flywheel & Clutch: Motor Mounts: Tubular K Member: Battery Relocation Kit: Wiring Harness: Brackets:
  • SVE-8511D - SVE 5.0 Coyote Engine Swap Accessory Bracket Kit
  • SVE-9729PB - Coyote Swap Pedal Bracket
Fuel System:
  • Return Style Fuel System
  • M8600M50AC - Ford Performance Coyote Swap A/C Kit
Charging System: Exhaust: Optional Features:
  • M9680M50 - 2011-2014 Ford Racing 5.0L Engine Cover Kit
  • M9680M50A - 2015-2017 Ford Racing 5.0L Engine Cover Kit

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