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Fox Body Water Pump Replacement

Created by Taylor Ward
Last Updated 5/17/2021

Performing a Fox Body Mustang water pump replacement is a quick and easy task that can help you save thousands of dollars in repairs!

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Mustang water pump replacement costs can drive anyone to want to DIY this common problem. Being Fox Body enthusiasts, we have seen our fair share of leaking and failed Mustang water pumps. Follow along as LMR walks you through the basics of inspecting & installing a water pump on your Ford Mustang.

How To Tell If My Water Pump Is Bad?

  • Over Heating
  • Belt Squeal
  • Pulley Chatter
  • Coolant Leaks
  • Grinding Noses From Water Pump

If your Fox Body engine is overheating or leaking coolant from the water pump, the culprit might be the water pump itself. Water pumps contain an internal propeller that is subject to breaking down or seizing after years of service. You can also take off your Mustang serpentine belt and check for play in the pulley to see if the bearings or pulley has gone bad. If everything checks out externally, removing your Fox Body water pump will be your best option to inspect the propeller.

Fox Body Water Pump Replacement

How Do I Replace My Fox Body Water Pump?

Once you have identified that you need to replace your water pump, the next step is to either remove & replace if it is still installed or replace if it is already removed. Installing a Fox Body water pump is fairly easy and LMR makes the process much easier with an all in one Mustang Water Pump Bolt Stud Kit.This kit is made exclusively for Late Model Restoration by ARP to give you direct replacement, high strength hardware for your engine. To make things simple, we have designed a quick and easy schematic for installing your new bolts.

Fox Body Water Pump Replacement

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1979-93 Mustang Water Pump Replacement

About the Video

How To Install 302/351 Mustang Timing Cover & Water Pump (79-93)

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Published on 2015-06-22
Install a timing cover, water pump, and harmonic balancer onto your 302 or 351 based pushrod Mustang engine!

In order to have a complete motor, you need a water pump, timing cover, and the related parts to finish the job. This video covers the needed components and the general installation procedures.

Mustang Water Pump and 302 Timing Cover Seal Installation:

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1979-1993 Fox Body Mustang Water Pumps & Hardware:

1979-1993 Fox Body Mustang Water Pump, Timing Cover Gasket & Intake Gaskets:

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1979-1993 Mustang Harmonic Balancers:


Ford 302/351 Engine Build Playlist:

How To Install 302/351 Mustang Camshaft & Timing Chain (79-95):

Intro | 0:00
What You Need | 0:31
Before You Install | 1:48
Install Timing Cover/Gasket | 2:16
Water Pump Install | 3:07
Full Assembly Install | 3:53
Harmonic Balancer Install | 4:16
Final Thoughts | 4:52

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