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How To Clay Bar Your Car

Created by Taylor Ward
Last Updated 5/17/2021

Follow along as we walk you through step by step on how to clay bar your car. This process removes harmful contaminants from your paint's surface.

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Tools Needed:
  • Clay Bar
  • Clay Bar Lube Spray
  • Microfiber Towel
Application Instructions:

  1. Start with a completely washed and dried vehicle.

  2. How To Clay Bar Your Car - How To Clay Bar Your Car

  3. Take your clay bar and knead it into a disc like shape. Ideal shape is about the size of four of your fingers.

  4. How To Clay Bar Your Car - How To Clay Bar Your Car

  5. Shake your clay bar lube spray to properly mix the chemicals and make sure your nozzel is set to the on position.

  6. How To Clay Bar Your Car - How To Clay Bar Your Car

  7. Spray down a 2'x2' section of your car with the lube spray and spray each side of the clay bar as well.

  8. How To Clay Bar Your Car - How To Clay Bar Your Car

  9. Using light pressure, glide the clay bar back and forth to remove and contaminants that may be on your paint. You will hear the contaminants being scrubbed off. Once you can no longer hear the noise and the clay bar glides smoothly, you can dry the surface with a premium microfiber towel and move onto the next section.

  10. How To Clay Bar Your Car - How To Clay Bar Your Car

  11. If the clay bar becomes deformed, pick it up, and re-knead it to the flat disc shape again.

  12. How To Clay Bar Your Car - How To Clay Bar Your Car

  13. Once the car has been completely clay bared, make sure to wax and seal your paint.

  14. How To Clay Bar Your Car - How To Clay Bar Your Car

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How To Clay Bar a Ford Mustang - Chemical Guys Clay Bar Kit

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Published on 2018-01-26
Chemical Guys Clay Bar Kit.
Restore the paint on your Mustang or Ford Lightning with this Chemical Guys clay bar kit! Contaminants and debris can get into the pores of your paint which ruins shine and destroys paint over time. The Chemical Guys OG flexible clay bar conforms to every curve and contour to easily remove paint overspray, rail dust, brake dust, pollution, and contamination to restore a smooth-as-glass feel! To aid the clay bar in gliding across the surface, without getting stuck, Chemical Guys Luber increases lubricity and reduces friction! Chemical Guys Clay Luber helps facilitate the best clay bar technique over any exterior surface that is shiny or clear. Clay Luber is gentle and helps preserve the integrity of the elastic polymer bar. Simply mist Clay Luber over the surface to lay down a coat of slick lubrication between the clay bar and your paintwork! Your paint will be restored and smooth as glass in no time with this Chemical Guys clay bar kit!

Application: All Mustangs