1987-93 Fox Body Mustang Dash Pad Installation Instructions

Posted 12/13/2016 by Tyler Rodriquez

Replace that worn, and saggy factory dash pad with our 50Resto OEM direct replacement dash pad!

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Tools Required:

  • Common hand tools

Removal & Installation Instructions

  1. Remove all contents from your Mustang's glove box, and press in on the 2 glovebox stops far enough to allow the glovebox to release downward, and out of the way

  2. Now disconnect the plug for your glovebox light

  3. If you own a '90, or a '91, then you'll need to remove the airbag auxiliary power supply, which is mounted above the glovebox. You'll need to disconnect the electrical connection, and remove the 2 T-20 torx screws to release it

  4. Gently work the airbag module out of the dash, and set it aside in a safe place

  5. You need to remove the three 9mm nuts that retain the dash pad. 2 of them are located above the open part of the glovebox, and the other to the left of the center A/C vents. For the last one, you'll need to remove the 2 center vents and the vent surround, by using a small screwdriver against the airflow adjustment wheels, prying them from the surround

  6. Now gently pry up on the lock tabs at the bottom of the center vents, working them around in a circular motion. Take your time, and be patient with this step

  7. Now pull the vent surround straight out

  8. Once the surround is removed, you'll be able to locate the last 9mm nut retaining the left side of the pad

  9. Transfer the inner 9mm nut to the back of the new dash pad

  10. Reinsert the new dash pad starting with the driver-side first, and then aligning the 2 remaining studs with their holes. Tighten all 3 nuts back down evenly to prevent either side being crooked after tightening

  11. Reinsert the vent surround, and the A/C vents back into place, and reconnect all power supplies

  12. Push the glovebox back into place, and you're all done!