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1982-93 Mustang Fox Body Stifflers Tubular Transmission Crossmember Installation Instructions

Posted 12/15/2016 by Dustin Leathers

Add more stiffness, and strength to your transmission crossmember, all while allowing more exhaust clearance with this tubular transmission crossmember from Stiffler's!

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Tools Required:

  • Basic hand tools
  • Floor jack
  • Jackstands

Installation Instructions

  1. Raise the vehicle up to allow access for installation, and support it with jack stands
  2. Support transmission with the floor jack. Do not place the jack on the transmission pan, or block access to crossmember mounts
  3. Remove the fasteners securing the transmission mount to the crossmemeber
  4. Remove the bolts connecting the crossmember to the body mounts
  5. Pull down the passenger side of crossmember to clear body mounts and rotate it to the rear until the drivers side mount is free. (It may be helpful to remove the transmission mount for extra working room)
  6. If you removed the transmission mount in the previous step, re-install current transmission mount
  7. From the table below, set the proper mounting arrangement of the sleeves for your vehicle by firmly pushing on the end, do not use a hammer
  8. How To Install Mustang Stifflers Tubular Transmission Crossmember - How To Install Mustang Stifflers Tubular Transmission Crossmember
  9. Place the nylon mounting spacers on the sleeves, position the crossmember into place, and loosely secure with the hardware provided. *Mounting pad on crossmember goes to the FRONT*

  10. *Note: if stud style OEM transmission mount is used, and a flat spacer is required, it must be installed on studs before crossmember is raised into place*
  11. Per table 2, or table 3 recommendations insert flat spacer(s) between the mount, and crossmember if required. Slightly raise the transmission if more clearance is needed to input spacer(s)
  12. How To Install Mustang Stifflers Tubular Transmission Crossmember - How To Install Mustang Stifflers Tubular Transmission Crossmember
  13. Loosely install transmission mount bolts
  14. Lower, and remove jack supporting transmission. FINAL TIGHTEN ALL FASTENERS
  15. Remove the jackstands, and lower the vehicle

  • 1982-1993 Mustang Stifflers Tubular Transmission Crossmember AOD/T5/TKO - by Stifflers


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