1979-04 Mustang Coil Over Kit Installation Instructions

Posted 12/2/2016 by Tyler Rodriquez

Follow along as Late Model Restoration walks you through the install of a UPR Mustang coil over kit!

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Adding a set of coil overs to your 1979-2004 Mustang is a great way to get adjustable suspension for both performance and looks. Installation of a Mustang coil over kit can be intimidating, but we walk you through how easy the install can be!

Tools Needed:

  • Floor Jack
  • Jack Stands
  • Basic Hand Tools
  • Grinder


Step 1:
Raise the car and support with jack stands and remove the wheels.

Step 2:
Remove the brake caliper & bracket and zip tie out of the way.

Step 3:
Remove the brake caliper & bracket and zip tie out of the way.

Step 4:
Loosen & remove the top swaybar endlink nut.

Step 5:
Use a push pin removal tool to remove the plastic clip securing the abs wire to the strut body.

Step 6:
Loosen the ABS wire bracket with a 24mm deep socket and secure out of the way.

Step 7:
To remove the strut to spindle hardware, use a 21mm open end wrench on the bolt and a 21mm socket on the nut.

Step 8:
To allow more slack on the ABS wire, remove the grommet holding the wire to the inner fender.

Step 9:
Support the control arm with a jack.

How To Install Mustang Coilovers (79-04) - How To Install Mustang Coilovers (79-04)

Step 10:
Remove the strut to spindle bolts.

Step 11:
Remove the top strut shaft nut with a 24mm socket.

Step 12:
Remove the strut from the car.

Step 13:
Moving to the rear of the car, support the rear end with a jack.

Step 14:
Pop the trunk and remove the carpet.

Step 15:
Remove the rear plastic trim covering the trunk striker.

Step 16:
Remove both carpeted trunk panels on each side.

Step 17:
Loosen and remove the upper shock bushings from both sides.

Step 18:
Lower the jack and loosen the bottom shock hardware. You will need a 15mm open end wrench for the bolt and an 18mm socket for the nut.

Step 19:
Remove the shock from the car.


Step 1:
Next using a grinder carefully grind down the outer diameter of the dust cover support from the top side of the strut. Be careful to not grind into the body of the strut.

Step 2:
Once the cover is even with the body you will be able to slide the coil over tube over the top of the strut.

Step 3:
Next thread the adjuster nut onto the coil over tube with the smooth part of nut facing upwards.

Step 4:
Install the spring onto the coil over tube so that it rests on top of the adjuster nut.

Step 5:
Now place the spring support top on top of the coil spring.

Step 6:
Place one thin washer on top of the spring support top, then a bearing and one more thin washer on top of that.

Step 7:
Lastly place the bearing cover on top of the assembly.

Step 8:
Next guide the strut assembly with coil over assembly into the strut tower (make sure you re-install the stepped 7/8” spacer onto the top of the strut bolt, this comes with your caster camber plate) and secure with the top nut to hold it in place.

Step 9:
Now you can line up the strut mount with the spindle and tighten all your bolts.

Step 10:
Repeat the above steps on the other side.

Step 11:
To adjust the ride height jack up the front of the vehicle and rotate the spring clockwise to go higher or counter clockwise to lower the car.

How To Install Mustang Coilovers (79-04) - How To Install Mustang Coilovers (79-04)

Tips & Hints


Lakewood, Strange and Stock Struts may require the removal of the dust cover support.

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How To Install Eibach Mustang Coil Overs (87-04)

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Published on 2015-09-24
This Eibach Pro-Street coil over system is without question one of the easiest ways to dial in the suspension on your SN95 Mustang. Coil over suspension kits are designed to offer variable adjustments at each wheel to get the absolute best performance out of your car while auto crossing or road racing. The Pro-Street system caters to the serious driver and will improve handling as well as reduce unwanted body roll.

This particular kit will feature a pre-constructed front strut assembly with coil over springs, rear shocks with coil over springs, and all of the needed hardware and adjustment wrenches will be in the box.

Mustang Fitment: 1987 (87), 1988 (88), 1989 (89), 1990 (90), 1991 (91), 1992 (92), 1993 (93), 1994 (94), 1995 (95), 1996 (96), 1997 (97), 1998 (98), 1999 (99), 2000 (00), 2001 (01), 2002 (02), 2003 (03), 2004 (04)

Does NOT fit IRS equipped Mustangs.
1979-1986 5.0L must use 87-93 or SN95 spindles.
1979-1993 4 cyl Mustangs must use 87-93 or SN95 spindles.