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1994-95 Mustang GT Cold Air Intake Installation Instructions

Created by Tyler Rodriquez
Date Created: 12/8/2016
Last Updated: 5/17/2021

Adding a cold air intake to your Mustang GT is the perfect way to add more horsepower, and more torque!

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    Tools Needed:

  • Common household tools
  • Ratchet Set

Installation Instructions

  • Start the installation by removing the negative terminal of the battery, and securing the cable away from the battery terminals.

  • Start the removal process by loosening the band clamps that hold the intake tube to the mass airflow sensor by using a flat head screwdriver

  • Now disconnect the air intake temperature sensor plug by using a flat head screwdriver to carefully lift the tabs that hold the connector together

  • Remove your vent hose that connects the intake to the oil filler neck

  • Open both latches on the airbox that houses the air filter. There is one clip on top, that is easily accessible, and the other is on the lower portion of the airbox, engine side

  • Separate the rubber intake tube from your mass airflow sensor

  • Using an adjustable wrench, carefully remove your air intake temperature sensor from the intake tube, and set it aside, as it will be reused

  • Carefully lift the clips on the car's wiring harness that are attached to the mass air flow sensor. Remove the mass air flow sensor from the engine bay, and keep it in a safe place, as it will need to be reused later

  • Thread the air intake sensor into the new tube provided that has a threaded hole at the end. Use a wrench to tighten the sensor into the new tube

  • Use a flat head screwdriver to gently pry up on the retaining clips that hold the 2 pieces of the air intake housing together to remove the mass airflow sensor

  • Use a ratchet, and a 10mm deep socket to remove the nuts that attach the mass airflow sensor to the housing. Next push the rubber grommet that protects the wire through the housing, to ensure the wire connectors can pass through in the housing

  • Pull out the mass airflow sensor, and remove the screen from it

  • Bolt the mass airflow sensor to the curved tube in the new CAI kit. Place the new rubber gasket on the mass airflow sensor, and align the tube to the sensor, and secure them together

  • Slip the steel plate with the large hole over the curved tube with the flange faced toward the mass airflow sensor. Slide one of the large band clamps on the tube, and add the air filter. Slide the filter onto the tube, and slide the clamp down onto the filter.
  • Tighten that clamp firmly, but don't overtighten and damage the rubber on the filter of the tube

  • Now add a rubber connector at the end of the mass air flow sensor. Put a band clamp over the end, and tighten it down.

  • Locate the 2 metal plugs that came with the intake system. Slip the plugs into the rubber grommets that hold the air box in place.

  • Support, and lower the new intake system into place. Slide the air filter into the hold of the fender. Align the the small holes in the bottom bracket, being careful not to damage the mass airflow sensor wiring or the filter

  • With the filter installed, line up the bolts in the bracket with the holes in the metal plugs below it. Tighten down with the supplied bolts using a 10mm socket

  • Re-install the U-shaped rubber grommet from the old air intake box, and tighten down the bolts holding it in place

  • Reconnect the mass airflow sensor wiring

  • Find the rubber coupling that has 2 different size ends, and slip the small band clamp onto the small end, and fit the end over the throttle body, and tighten down the clamp

  • Before inserting the final tube, put band clamps in place on both ends. Once done, insert the final tube. After you've reconnected the intake air temperature sensor, and the hose that runs from the oil filler neck to the intake tract, tighten down the remaining clamps

  • Reconnect your negative battery cable, and you're all done!

  • NOTE: This is a general installation for '94-'95 Mustang GT cold air intakes. Be sure to check the manufacturer's installation instructions to ensure installation is done properly.
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