2005-09 Mustang Sequential Tail Light Kit Installation Instructions

Posted 12/15/2016 by Tyler Rodriquez

This plug-n-play design will enhance the looks, and styling of your Mustang by giving you the retro sequential turn signal like the '67-'70 Shelby Mustangs before!

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Tools Required:

  • Common hand tools

Installation Instructions

Step 1:
Start the installation by removing the top 2 retainers in the rear trunk liner, and remove the lower 2

Step 2:
Remove the 2 screw retainers with a T-27 Torx bit

Step 3:
Remove the rear trunk liner

Step 4:
With that out of the way, go ahead, and disconnect the wiring harness

Step 5:
Remove the 3 nuts (on each side) that hold the tail lights in place

Step 6:
Push the rubber grommet through the body, then remove the tail light along with the harness

Step 7:
Put your tail light assembly face down on a cloth surface to prevent scratching

Step 8:
Remove the wiring harness retainer, followed by your reverse light socket

Step 9:
Now you can remove the remaining 3 sockets from the tail light housing

Step 10:
Transfer your bulbs over to the new harness

Step 11:
To install the new harness, take "socket #1" and install in the innermost taillight

Step 12:
Take "socket #2" and install it in the middle

Step 13:
And finally, "socket #3" on the outermost taillight

Step 14:
Reinstall the reverse light, and the wiring harness retainer

Step 15:
Repeat this process on the other side, and then you can reinstall your taillights

Step 16:
After reinstalling your taillights, you can now take the phone data cable, and plug it into the left port on the wiring harness

Step 17:
Plug the taillight harness into the body wiring harness, and then repeat these steps on the opposite side

Step 18:
When testing your new signals, make sure the car, turn, signals, and hazard lights have been off for at least 5 minutes

Step 19:
With the car running, turn on the left signal, and let it run for 1 minute

Step 20:
Turn on the right signal, and let it run for 1 minute

Step 21:
Reinstall your rear trunk liner back into place, and you're all done!

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Mustang Sequential Tail Lights Installation - Plug In Harness (05-09 S197)

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Published on 2013-02-07
Want to add some retro 67-70 model Shelby Mustang look to your 05-09 S197 Mustang? Look no further than the LateModelRestoration.com Mustang Sequential Tail Lights Kits (Part # WEB-STS1M5HR). They are plug-n-play designed for super simple installation. They feature pre-wired harnesses that replace your factory tail light bulb harness. That means there are no cutting, splicing or socket modifications needed for this install. The installation consists of simply removing the tail light assemblies, transferring your bulbs to the new harnesses, connect the data cable and reinstall.

Watch the video as Jeff walks you through the installation process for our 05-09 Mustang Sequential Tail Lights Kit. Don't forget to finish off the exterior of your S197 Mustang with a SVE Decklid Panel; better yet, save some money and time by buying the Late Model Restoration 05-09 Mustang SVE Decklid Blackout Panel and Sequential Tail Lights Kit:

Mustang Sequential Tail Lights Kits Features:
* Correct rubber grommet to keep moisture out of the trunk
* OEM style cable retainer
* OEM wiring connector for true plug-n-play installation
* Classic Retro Styling - Add some American muscle Mustang look to your S197 Mustang

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Mustang sequential tail lights were made popular by the 67-70 models Shelby mustangs back in the American muscle car days. Now the 05-09 mustangs didn't feature sequential tail lights from the factory. Here at LatemodelRestoration.com we have a plug-and-play Mustang sequential tail light harness to give your Mustang that sequential tail light look.

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This kit features pre-wired harnesses, detailed instructions and a phone data cable. To make this installation even easier, the harness is pre-labeled to make sure that you don't get tail light bulbs out of order.

0:00:36 - 0:00:53
I can't wait to see these in action so let's go ahead and get this install started. To start the install remove the top two retainers with a flat head screw driver. Then remove the lower two. Then you can go ahead and remove the two screw type retainers with a t-27 torx bit.

0:00:53 - 0:01:12
Now you can remove the rear trunk liner with that out of the way you can now disconnect the wiring harness move on to removing the three nuts that hold the tail lights in place remember to push the grommet and the wiring harness through the body, then you can remove the tail light.

0:01:12 - 0:01:26
Take your tail light assembly and place it on micro fiber towel to protect the lens. Remove the wiring harness retainer followed by your reverse light socket now you can remove the remaining three sockets from the tail light.

0:01:26 - 0:02:00
With the wiring harness removed you can now transfer the bulbs over to the new harness if you have a high mileage mustang now is a great time to replace the bulbs to install the new harness take that socket number one and re-install it in the inner most tail light take socket number two then install it in the middle and finally socket three on the outermost tail light. Re-install the reverse light and the wiring harness retainer. Repeat this process on the other side.

0:02:00 - 0:02:18
Then you can re-install your tail lights. After re-installing your tail lights you can now take the phone data cable and plug it into the left ports on the wiring harness plugged the tail light harness into the body wiring harness and the repeat on the right side.

0:02:18 - 0:02:32
Now it's time for some testing to make sure the car turn signals and hazards have been off for at least five minutes with the car running turn on the left signal and let it run for one minute turn on the right signal and let it run for one minute.

0:02:32 - 0:02:46
Now if you have any questions while installing this tail lights, they come with a detailed set of instructions as well as a problem shooting guide now once you finish up that test procedure you can slap that that plastic trunk liner back into place and you're finished!

0:02:46 - 0:03:11
Now when you go to use your turn signals they're going to scroll from the inner to the outer most tail light in a controlled smooth fashion. it's an definitely going to get the attention of those driving behind you so go to LatemodelRestoration.com today to order your 05-09 sequential tail light kit and don't forget follow us on twitter Facebook and YouTube to share your mustang experience with other mustang enthusiast