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2015-16 Mustang Street Scene Front Splitter Installation Instructions

Posted 12/8/2016 by Tyler Rodriquez

The 2015-16 Mustang Street Scene Front Splitter is a quick and easy way to upgrade the front of your S550. We have put together a step by step article to help guide you through your install.

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The 2015-2016 Mustangs got a huge makeover following the S197 platform. The new front end looks pretty aggressive from the factory, but there is plenty of room for improvement. One way to get your S550 standing out from the crowd is with a 2015 Mustang Street Scene Front Splitter. These front lips are quick and easy to install and Late Model Restoration walks you through step by step!

Tools Needed:

  • Power Drill
  • Phillips Head Screwdriver Bit

Step 1:
Test fit all parts before painting.
Step 2:
After the front lip is prepped and painted, double sided tape should be applied to the indentation on the inside of the front spoiler. This surface has to be clean and dry for the tape to properly adhere. A residual free cleaner is recommended to prepare the surface. The surface of the vehicle should also be prepped and cleaned for proper adhesion. For best results, after cleaning, use the adhesion promoter provided to the areas where the tape will be used. When applying tape, make sure the tape is smooth and wrinkle free. It is best to use the multiple small pieces on the long section rather than 1 long piece.
Step 3:
After applying the tape, pull back approximately 1 inch of the protective covering from the tape on each end. Make sure the film is sticking out. Place the front lip gently on the vehicle and make sure you have it positioned correctly. it is good to have someone help you with his. Remember when using adhesion promoter, you will not get a second chance! While holding it in position, pull the tabs you created while applying light downward pressure. Continue this taking care not to tear off the tabs by pulling to hard. After all the film is removed, apply firm pressure all around to insure the tape has bonded properly.
Step 4:
Use the provided self tapping screws to secure the back of the spoiler onto the vehicle.
Step 5:
Done! Enjoy your brand new front lip spoiler!

Installation Instructions provided by Street Scene