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2005-14 Mustang SVE Billet Lower Control Arms Installation Instructions

Last Updated 12/30/2016 by Dustin Leathers

Eliminate wheel hop, and stabilize your rear end with a set of SVE heavy duty lower control arms!

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Installation Instructions

  1. Raise the vehicle up by supporting it on a lift, or stand so that the rear suspension is loaded. (Wheels in contact with surface) *Note* Do one side at a time

  2. Remove the stock rear control arms bolts. Next remove the rear brake cable that is routed through the arm itself

  3. Inspect the new billet control arms. The bushings, and center sleeve should be in place. If anything looks out of place, please call us before proceeding. (254)-296-6500

  4. Grease the outside edges of the bushings with the supplied grease. Do NOT skip this step or the bushings may squeak!

  5. Install the control arms with the thicker aluminum spacer on the outside of the rear bushing towards the center of the car on the axle end. The thin one goes on the outside side of the rear bushing. Also the supplied steel washers are used on the front mounts facing towards the outside of the vehicle

  6. Tighten the front, and rear control arm bolts, and torque to factory specs

  7. Repeat steps 1 through 8 on the passenger side control arm

  8. The supplied zip ties are there to secure the parking brake cable away from the tires

  9. Re-check all bolts, and make sure everything is secured properly. Take a short test drive, and re-inspect the installation