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LMR Basics: Mustang Maintenance Guides

Created by Tyler Rodriquez
Last Updated 5/17/2021

LMR has you covered with the perfect guides for performing those menial tasks that no one likes to do but every Mustang needs!

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  • LMR Basics: Mustang Maintenance Guides

Late Model Restoration has finally put together a collection of videos that show you just how to get those boring maintenance tasks done right. From changing your engine oil, to changing the air filter, LMR is offering to show you how to get it done quickly and correctly on your Mustang. Keep your Mustang in perfect running condition with these Mustang Maintenance Guides!

Check out our new articles in which we use GIFs to show just how to do each of these tasks! With these guides, you are sure to get the fixes you need to get your Mustang back in peak-performance shape!

Within these guides we will outline just how to:

Click the pictures on the right to go watch just how to do it, or click on the links above for our new and improved articles!

How To Change Engine Oil In A Ford Mustang

How To Change Engine Oil In A Ford Mustang Changing your Mustang's oil is one of the most important services you need to do to properly maintain your Stang. Late Model Restoration walks you through this easy task, showing you a quick and easy way to perform this routine maintenance. You will want to change your Must... more

How To Change Mustang Transmission Fluid

How to Change Mustang Transmission Fluid In this article we will be showing you the general procedures on changing the transmission fluid. For this fluid change, we will be working on this 1992 Coupe which is equipped with a T5 Transmission. The fluid that will be used to fill back up is Royal Purple Synchromax. Bel... more

How To Change An Air Filter In A Ford Mustang

How To Change An Air Filter In A Ford Mustang In this article, LMR covers how to change the air filter in your Mustang. We will be performing the work on this '92 Fox Body and will be using a genuine Motorcraft Air Filter. Tools Required: Pair of Hands! Installation Instructions Locate the retainin... more

How To Bleed Mustang Brakes

How To Bleed Mustang Brakes Tools you will need: Jack and Jack Stands Socket Set Line Wrench Set Clear Hose That Fits Over the Brake Bleeders on the Caliper Brake Clean Rags Drain Bucket Steps To Bleeding Mustang Brakes Jack up the car and support it via jack stands. Open the mas... more

How To Change Mustang Fuel Filter

Changing Your Mustang's Fuel Filter The fuel filter plays a vital role in your Mustang's fuel system. Unfiltered fuel contains dirt and debris which can cause premature failure to other fuel-related components such as your lines or injectors. Replacing the fuel filter is something that should be done fairly often. I... more

How To Change Mustang Gear Oil

How To Change Mustang Gear Oil Changing your Mustang's rear end gear oil is one of the most overlooked maintenance jobs. Even though it may seem intimidating, the process is quite simple. Follow along as we walk you through how to change your Mustang's gear oil. Tools Required: Socket Set Flat Head Screwdriver ... more

How To Change Serpentine Belt On Ford Mustang

When your Mustang's serpentine belt starts to squeak and squeal, it may be time to swap out your serpentine belt. Late Model Restoration makes this installation quick and easy with this Mustang drive belt installation article. The serpentine drive belt's job is to turn all the accessories in relation to the engine's... more

How To Change Mustang Spark Plugs

Changing your Mustang's spark plugs is an important part of routine maintenance. A bad or fouled spark plug can cause rough idle and a decrease in performance. Follow along as we walk you through this easy step by step procedure. Tools Required Socket Wrench Spark Plug Socket Spark Plug Gapper ... more