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Integrate modern styling into your Mustang with some AlphaRex LED headlights for something unrivaled.

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Mustang AlphaRex Parts

AlphaRex specializes in designing and manufacturing superior automotive aftermarket performance lighting. Their goal is to produce lighting products, and technology, that are unrivaled. With their revolutionary PATENTED full L.E.D technology, AlphaRex Nova-Series L.E.D headlights mark the debut of their distinctive brand. NOVA-Series and LUXX-Series PATENTED Ice Cube 3D projector is the core of their exclusive design. Each NOVA-Series headlight projector is equipped with an Osram Oslon Black Flat L.E.D. chip to provide maximum light output in illumination and projection. They will persist with their philosophy of innovative technology and uniquely stylish designs in order to bring the very best to the automotive aftermarket industry.