1994-2004 Mustang Fuel System Upgrades

Late Model Restoration has the 1994-2004 Mustang fuel system upgrade kits you need to complete your performance-tuned SN95 or New Edge Mustang!

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1994-04 Mustang Fuel System Upgrade Kit

1994-04 Mustang Fuel Rail & Regulators

1994-98 Mustang Upgraded Fuel Pumps

1999-04 Mustang Upgraded Fuel Pumps

1999-04 Mustang Fuel Injectors

1SN95 & New Edge Mustang Fuel System Upgrades

When stock fuel system components will not suffice on your upgraded Mustang, has taken the time to put these performance-minded fuel system upgrade kits, fuel pumps, fuel rails, and injectors at the tip of your fingers. Targeted at the performance enthusiast, these upgrade kits will ensure your Mustangs fuel system is up to date and ready to provide the necessary fuel requirements of your Mustangs engine. has specialty kits from brands like Aeromotive designed to make a fuel system that can support up to 1000 horsepower.