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2015 Mustang IRS Review

The 2015 Mustang has one particular change that has drawn most of the attention which is the return of the independent rear suspension (IRS).

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2015 Mustang Independent Rear Suspension Review

The 2015 Mustang is no secret to us enthusiasts! However, one particular change that has drawn most of the attention is the return of the independent rear suspension. If you know Mustangs, then you are well aware that the only IRS (independent rear suspension) offered from the factory was found on 99-04 Mustang Cobras. I'll be honest, Ford really did have their cards played well with the aging solid or live axle setup. At the same time, it really was time for a refresh to stay competitive within the sports car market.

The IRS underneath the redesigned 2015 Mustang will still feature a 8.8" center section, however Ford still threw a twist at us. The ring and pinion gear are both different from the outgoing solid axle and will require a specific gear kit for the S550 IRS. Furthermore, I'm sure aftermarket manufactures and Ford Racing will be on-board offering state-of-the-art suspension upgrades to keep your Mustang ahead of the competition. Nothing is available as of yet, other than Ford's upgraded half shafts.

Regardless of what your opinion is, I would strongly recommend you go out and test drive a new 2015 Mustang. I'm sure it will change your attitude toward the drastically altered American pony car.

2015-2023 Mustang IRS Components

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2015 Mustang IRS Review

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Published on 2014-10-20
In this video, we talk about the return of the Independent Rear Suspension for the 2015 Mustang! In years past, the only Mustangs to feature an IRS was all 99-04 Cobras.

The 2015 Mustang is an entirely new car inside and out. Everything about the 2015 Mustang was redesigned, re-engineered, and the biggest change probably being the rear suspension. Ford decided it was time to ditch the aging solid axle or live axle and replace it with an IRS or Independent Rear Suspension.