What Do Mustang MIL Eliminators Do & Do I Need Them?

Posted 4/3/2017 by Tyler Rodriquez

Adding an off-road mid pipe to your 1996-2004 Mustang usually trigger an MIL (Malfunction Indicator Light) commonly know as a check engine light. A set of MIL eliminators can turn this pesky light off quickly and easily.

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What Is An MIL Eliminator?

An MIL Eliminator, also known as a Malfunction Indicator Light eliminator or oxygen sensor simulator, is a small wiring harness with a plug on each end that plugs in between your oxygen sensor and body wiring harness. It tricks your Mustang into thinking your oxygen sensors are reading correct oxygen levels after installing a catalytic converter-less midpipe.

Do I Need MIL Eliminators?

If you are installing an off-road h-pipe or x-pipe (no catalytic converters), your factory oxygen sensors will read a higher level of emissions which will trigger a check engine light or malfunction indicator light. To correct this, you can unplug your O2 sensor from the car (while leaving it screwed into the midpipe) and plug the MIL eliminator into the sensor and the body harness. This will turn the check engine light off harmlessly and allow for normal driving capabilities.

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About the Video

Mustang MIL Eliminators Installation (SVE O2 Sensor Simulators)

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Published on 2013-12-19
Thinking about adding a off-road exhaust system to your 96-04 Mustang or 99-04 SVT Lightning? Keep that check engine (service engine, CEL) lights off on your instrument cluster with the SVE MIL Eliminators! These O2 sensor simulators eliminate the check engine light code from an off-road mid pipe (H & X pipes). They feature a solid construction for years of long life.

Follow along in the video as Jmac shows you just how easy it is to install these plug and play oxygen sensor eliminators on your Ford Mustang or F-150 SVT Lightning. They work on V8 and V6 models and are designed for off road use only! eleting or bypassing factory emissions equipment is illegal for use on public roadways. It is illegal to remove a properly functioning catalytic converter.

Brand: SVE
Part #: SVE-MILO2
Fits: SVT Lightning & Ford Mustang V6, GT, Mach 1, Bullitt & Cobra
Years: 1996 (96) - 1997 (97) - 1998 (98) - 1999 (99) - 2000 (00) - 2001 (01) - 2002 (02) - 2003 (03) - 2004 (04)
If you own a 1996 to 2004 V8 Mustang, you may have recently installed a new mid-pipe. And now your Check Engine light is on. Then you need a set of our SVE MIL eliminators.

Before we go any further, these are not legal for sale or use on pollution-controlled motor vehicles in the US. These are for off-road racing use only. That being said, they are simple plug and play installation that actually tricks the computer into thinking that there's still a functioning catalytic converter.

When I say plug and play, I really do mean plug and play. On the passenger side, there are a couple of tabs that you'll need to trim off the eliminator to get it to plug in. Once that's done, zip time up out of the way, and you're good to go. You can pick up your set of MIL eliminators off of latemodelrestoration.com. And while you're there, check out our full line of SVE products for your Mustang.