Mustang Procharger Superchargers

Late Model Restoration is proud to offer high quality superchargers from ProCharger Superchargers! ProCharger is dedicated to the performance and durability of its superchargers and other high performance products. Their Quality Assurance is founded on prevention and sustained through live, continuous monitoring of the manufacturing, assembly and performance verification processes.

While Quality Control is centrally organized by a fully equipped and staffed department, it is ingrained within the culture at every level of the organization. Headquartered in Kansas City, their company and engineering team have produced numerous innovations and have been awarded over 30 patents in the past 20 years. ProCharger has led the application of centrifugal technology to markets previously utilizing older, less efficient compressor and blower designs. Driven to understand applications and customer needs, ProCharger has become the industry leader for both hardcore racing and street/strip supercharger systems. Shop our vast selection of Mustang ProCharger Superchargers below for your specific application!

1986-1993 Mustang ProCharger Superchargers

Coyote Swap ProCharger Superchargers