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Mustang Replacement Light Bulb Guide

When searching for a replacement factory bulb, there can be a lot of confusion in finding the right one for the job. Late Model Restoration has made a year specific guide to help you find your Mustang's factory bulb. This guide will also help you find a LED bulb or OE set up for your 1979-2022 Mustang.

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Mustang Replacement Light Bulb Guide - Mustang Replacement Light Bulb Guide

Why Replacing Your Factory Bulbs is Important

Over the course of owning your Mustang, you are bound to have a few bulbs go out here and there. Whether it be the interior dome light, trunk light, or headlight bulb. It is important to replace these bulbs for numerous reasons, one being safety and visibility. Many early model Mustang's headlight & taillight bulbs are not as bright as today's vehicles, this makes replacing them a priority.

What to Look for When Upgrading Your Factory Bulbs

When you are looking for a replacement bulb for your 1979-22 Mustang it is important to know the correct socket size, then decide if you want to go with a LED or OE style bulb. Then ask yourself "Do I frequently drive at night or is this a weekend, sunny day cruiser?" If you find yourself driving more at the nighttime hours or having early morning commutes to work, you might want to look into a LED bulb set up. Ford did wonders with the late model Mustang in the lighting department, but there is always room for improvement. Diode Dynamics has changed the Mustang Lighting game by offering top-notch, high-quality replacement LED bulbs and switchbacks that you can purchase right here at LMR! Finding the right replacement light bulb for your 1979-2022 Mustang can be difficult at times, but with this Replacement Light Bulb Guide, we hope to make bulb selection a breeze!

Mustang Light Bulb Replacement Guide By Generation