1994-2004 Mustang SVE Drag Comp Wheels

Race down the drag strip in your SN95/New Edge with a set of 1994-2004 Mustang SVE Drag Comp wheels exclusively from Late Model Restoration!

  • 1994-2004 Mustang SVE Drag Comp Wheels
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1994-04 Mustang SVE Drag Comp Wheels Street Spec

1994-04 Mustang SVE Drag Comp Wheels Drag Spec

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SN95/New Edge Mustang SVE Drag Comp Wheels

Electrify the performance and styling of your 1994-04 SN95 or New Edge Mustang at the drag strip with SVE's Drag Comp wheels! Engineered to cater to the current and future demands of what Mustang enthusiasts are searching for in a Mustang drag wheel, the SVE Drag Comps combine track-ready function with an aesthetic appeal that turns heads in the pits. Featuring a crisp, multi-spoke design that glides around a recessed center section, this Mustang drag wheel is sure to highlight the body lines of your Mustang! A gloss black finish is applied to the face of the wheel, while the windows are machined to provide clarity of the spokes. The outer lip is mildly polished and topped off with a clear coat finish for easy cleaning. SVE's Drag Comp wheel kit will make your Mustang look as good as it performs! Shop our selection of SVE Drag Comp wheels below!