2005-2009 Mustang SVE XS5 Wheels

Late Model Restoration is your exclusive source for SVE's performance-inspired XS5 wheels for your 2005-2009 Mustang!

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2005-09 Mustang Sterling Graphite SVE XS5 Wheels

2005-09 Mustang XS5 Accessories

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S197 Mustang SVE XS5 Wheels

Bolt on a wheel that embodies the Mustang spirit with SVE's Mustang XS5 wheel! A modern spin on a classic design is on full display as this performance-inspired 5-spoke wheel beautifully accents the body lines of your S197 Mustang. Each slim spoke ascends from the recessed center section to the outer edge of the wheel, showcasing the 20" diameter. Your wheel wells will be filled out proportionately to ensure a look that can't be beaten. Each wheel has a mild amount of concave as the front wheel has a subtle recess while the rear wheel has more depth. Available in premium finishes, tuxedo black, sterling graphite, and ceramic bronze. Shop our selection of SVE XS5 wheels at!