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Project Keeping Comp | EP:8- COMP-LETE

Created by Tyler Rodriquez / 8 min read
Date Created: 3/23/2022
Last Updated: 12/12/2022

We are back with episode eight of Keeping Comp, and if you haven’t checked outEpisodes 1-7, go catch up on the progress of the project!

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Up to this point, it's been a long journey for everyone involved with this project. If you have followed along on this build, we have started from a rough high mileage worn-out GT and are now to the finished product you see today. Ultimately, this project did take us a fair amount of time to complete, but we did go through this car thoroughly to ensure that the end result was great and that our customers also reaped the benefits from this project.

Through this build, the LMR team has developed many new unique fixes and restoration parts for the SN95/New Edge platform that otherwise may have gone overlooked. These fixes and new products allow our customers to make their project cars shine just like this one.

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  • Project Keeping Comp | EP:8- COMP-LETE - Project Keeping Comp | EP:8- COMP-LETE
  • Project Keeping Comp | EP:8- COMP-LETE - Project Keeping Comp | EP:8- COMP-LETE
  • Project Keeping Comp | EP:8- COMP-LETE - Project Keeping Comp | EP:8- COMP-LETE
  • Project Keeping Comp | EP:8- COMP-LETE - Project Keeping Comp | EP:8- COMP-LETE
  • Project Keeping Comp | EP:8- COMP-LETE - Project Keeping Comp | EP:8- COMP-LETE

We would like to thank everyone that was involved in this build for their hard work and dedication to making this project the best it could be.

Scott Springer
  • Thank you for finding this car after years of being away from the LMR family and allowing the our team to complete this build.
Landan Durham
  • Thank you for the countless hours of the restoration project within this build including the engine bay, interior, and exterior.
Jay Walling
  • Thank you for the work on all of the interior components, wheels/tires, and brakes on this build.
Scott Hubbard, William Jones, Scott Grimes, and Mike Nichols
  • Thank you for the hours of teardown and reassembly along with product development for this project
Anderson Collision
  • Thank you for the labor of reparing and painting this car for us.
Nicholas Ladd, Chris Campbell, and Fabian Escobedo
  • Thank you for all of the filming, editing, and putting up with everyone featured in these videos.
The Entire LMR Staff
  • Thank you to everyone here at LMR. In one way or another, everyone within these walls had a small part of this project.

Well everyone, that wraps things up for now on Project Keeping Comp. Make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel and comment on these videos to let us know what you may have done differently and what else you may want to see on this build down the road. If you haven’t checked out Episodes 1-7, go catch up on the progress of the project! If you would like a complete build list including links to parts, check out the Keeping Comp Article for more details.

About the Video

Project Keeping Comp | Ep: 8 - COMP-LETE!

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Published on 2022-01-26
We've made it to the finish line on our 2004 Competition Orange project car! We give you our final thoughts on the vehicle and give thanks to everyone involved in this Project Keeping Comp.

If you haven't seen the previous 7 episodes, click the link to the individual videos to get caught up to speed, spoiler alerts throughout the video!

When the opportunity came up to purchase an employee's old Competition Orange 2004 Mustang GT, we knew this was the perfect restoration project. Since it was sold by the employee, it has gone through some wear and tear over the years and needed a good restoration!!

Check out some of the products on this Competition Orange 2004 Mustang GT and more about the Project Keeping Comp below!

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