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2005-10 GT/GT500 SVE Axle Back Exhaust

Created by Jason Konieczny
Last Updated 3/26/2021

The all-new redesigned SVE Axle Back Exhaust system for your 2005-10 Mustang GT or GT500 packs a punch and looks great doing it! Check out our review.

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2005-10 GT/GT500 SVE Axleback Exhaust  - 2005-10 GT/GT500 SVE Axleback Exhaust

Let's face it; The stock exhaust on the 2005-10 GT or Mustang Shelby GT500 is less than impressive. It is too quiet and does not have that throaty, deep rumble that lets everyone know that a Mustang is on the prowl! It's high time you fill those bumper cutouts with something much more attractive, more powerful, and start turning more heads when you hit the street.

The all-new re-designed SVE Axle Back Exhaust Kit for your 2005-10 Mustang GT packs a strong punch and looks great on any S197. With its fully polished stainless steel construction, this kit boasts as much style as it does performance! Featuring 100% T304 stainless steel construction, this SVE system provides a healthy weight reduction over the stock axle backs and even over many popular aftermarket Axle Back systems.

The 2.5" polished mandrel bent tubing flows seamlessly into straight-thru designed mufflers for an exotic, throaty tone, and finishes off with massive 4" polished tips for a much-needed boost to the appearance of your rear end!

2005-10 GT/GT500 SVE Axleback Exhaust  - 2005-10 GT/GT500 SVE Axleback Exhaust

The 2005 Mustang GT exhaust all the way through the 2010 Mustang GT exhaust upgraded with the SVE Axle Back will stand out from the crowd with all of the right tones! Pair these mufflers with a set of Long Tube or Shorty Headers to add even more performance and sound! Do not forget to pick up an X-Pipe to perfectly complement these new exhaust additions that will sing the song that other exhausts will be envious of!

The Mustang Shelby GT500 exhaust system can also benefit from this SVE performance exhaust system! Simply unbolt your stock, quiet Axle Back exhaust, install the SVE mufflers, and your Ford Mustang Shelby will have a sound you can be proud of! The SVE kit will install directly into the factory location with simple hand tools and can be installed in a couple of hours of your time.

Whether upgrading your factory exhaust for the first time or wanting a fresh rumble for your 4.6L or 5.4L, this SVE stainless steel Axle Back exhaust system could be the perfect bolt-on for you this today! Do not spend extra on other brands out there. SVE is a name that you can trust and has the reputation to back it up!

2005-10 Mustang GT/GT500 Axleback Exhaust Features

  • Increased Performance Over Stock
  • Improved Exhaust Tone
  • Saves Weight
  • 100% T304 Stainless Steel
  • Fully Polished
  • 4" Polished Tips

You will not be disappointed with the quality, sound, and craftsmanship of the SVE Axle Back exhaust! For more exhaust options and all things Mustang, keep it here with the real Mustang enthusiasts, LMR.com!

SVE Axleback Exhaust

About the Video

Review: 2005-2010 Mustang SVE Axle Back Exhaust Kit (GT-GT500)

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Published on 2016-03-15
SVE Axle Back Exhaust Kit.
Improve exhaust flow and sound in your 2005-2010 Mustang with this SVE axle back exhaust kit! Your factory mufflers are restrictive and quiet. This prevents your engine from breathing freely as well as holds back the signature Mustang sound. SVE's axle back exhaust is built to improve on both of those problems with a free-flowing design. Featuring 100%, T304 stainless steel construction, this system is built to last! Mandrel bent, 2.5" tubing provides free flow going into the straight-through mufflers. Massive 4" exhaust tips are utilized to provide a great look coming out of your rear bumper! Finally, a mirror polished finish is used throughout to provide a show winning look!

-Fits 2005-2010 Mustang GT
-Fits 2007-2010 Mustang GT500

Exhaust Tone Disclaimer:
- Due to the design of the muffler, some interior drone may occur.

Item # SVE-5230B
Hey! What’s happening guys? Landan here with LMR.com and today this video is going to be about my quick review on SVE’s axle back exhaust kit fitting your 2005 to 2010 Mustang GT and 2007 to 2010 GT500.

This axle back exhaust kit from SVE is the perfect budget friendly upgrade for your three valve or GT500 Mustang. It features quality, T304 stainless steel construction for years of durability, two and half inch mandrel bent tubing, and finishes off with a four inch polished tip.

Since the mufflers are a straight though design, this kit will help boost additional performance as well as give your Mustang a nice, aggressive exhaust tone. While I’m on the subject of exhaust notes, these axle backs pair perfectly with a high-flow or off-road mid pipe.

Other key features this SVE exhaust kit possesses is that it does utilize the stock rubber hangers for installation. So no cutting or welding is required to get them installed onto your Mustang.

Well alright guys, I installed a set of the SVE axle backs onto this ’07 GT. But before I get it outside and let you fellas listen to this exhaust, this car does have BBK long tube headers and a matching off-road mid-pipe. So let’s check it out!

Not too bad if I say so myself. Even with the headers and off-road mid pipe, these mufflers really do give this car a whole new demeanor. There is some slight drone around highway speeds, but nothing that is over bearing.

If you guys want to see more product promos like this one for your S197 Mustang, then subscribe to our YouTube channel. While you’re at it, head back over to the site and pick up this SVE axle back kit for your 2005-2010 GT or 2007-2010 GT500 at LMR.com!