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Top Mustang Mods Under $1000

Created by Taylor Ward
Last Updated 5/17/2021

If you are wanting some of the best upgrades for your 1979-current Mustang check out our article listing the top Mustang mods under $1,000!

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Top Mustang Mods Under $1000 - Top Mustang Mods Under $1000

Mustang Wheel Kits

Top Mustang Mods Under $1000 - Top Mustang Mods Under $1000

*Prices As Low As $524.99!*

Adding a new Mustang Wheel Kit to your Mustang is considered by many enthusiasts to be the single most popular Mod! Choosing from our many different options from factory styles to replica, or aftermarket styles can completely transform the look of your car. Ranging from Fox Body models, all the way to the newest S550s, Late Model Restoration is sure to have the fit and finish for exactly the build you want!

Mustang Exhaust Kits

Top Mustang Mods Under $1000 - Top Mustang Mods Under $1000

*Prices As Low As $349.99!*

Another key mod your Mustang is by upgrading your mid pipe, axle back, or even full exhaust to our SVE branded products! Our branded Mustang Exhaust Kits will unleash hidden power and torque while creating an aggressive new sound! This is all done by giving you the best quality performance at an affordable price!

Also, check out our rankings for the best branded exahsut for your Mustang GT to get a more in-depth look!

Mustang Coilover Kits

Top Mustang Mods Under $1000 - Top Mustang Mods Under $1000

*Prices As Low As $699.99!*

Adjustable Mustang Coil Over Kits are a coil spring on your shock setup that allows you to adjust the height of your car. These are popular among Mustang owners for both looks and performance by allowing you to fine-tune your ride height to get the perfect look! These bolt in place of your factory shocks and struts and you can choose from the top manufacturers such as our SVE brand as well as Eibach, Maximum Motorsports, UPR, and many more!

If you are having trouble finding the coil overs you can view our coil over guide to better help you in getting the best set up for your application!

Mustang 5 Lug Conversion Kits

Top Mustang Mods Under $1000 - Top Mustang Mods Under $1000

*Prices As Low As $439.99!*

Many Fox Body Mustang owners like to make the switch from 4 to 5 lug due to the improved braking performance and also gives you better wheel options! All Fox Body Mustangs were set up with 4 lug brakes except the 93 Cobra and 84-86 SVO. Limited 4 lug wheel options gave rise to this ever so popular conversion. Shop our Mustang 5 Lug Conversion Kits today!

Check out our complete Fox Body 5 lug conversion guide to highlight all of the benefits!

Mustang Seats & Upholstery

Top Mustang Mods Under $1000 - Top Mustang Mods Under $1000

*Prices As Low As $249!*

Late Model Restoration is your #1 source for Mustang Seats & Upholstery! If your Mustang seats are looking worn out, we have the replacement Mustang seat covers you need to restore your interior. We've got a wide selection for your Fox Body, SN-95, New Edge and S197 Mustang including cloth, leather, & vinyl upholstery in both stock & custom colors! When replacing your upholstery, don't forget to replace that worn out seat foam. Looking to upgrade your seats? Check out our 5.0 Resto front seat assemblies and rear seat upholstery for a factory style look on your Fox Body!

After viewing our product highlight for our 5.0 Resto factory style sport seats you can also check out our seat upholstery and foam to convert your Mustang's seats into Cobra, Mach 1 and other great styles of seats! If you plan on installing yourself, don't forget a set of hog rings and pliers! Shop our selection below now!

Mustang Rear End Gears

Top Mustang Mods Under $1000 - Top Mustang Mods Under $1000

*Prices As Low As $279.99!*

Choose from our many different Mustang Rear End Gears starting from 3.08 all the way to 4.30 for your 7.5” and 8.8” rear ends! These improvements can increase acceleration as well as even improve mileage in some aspects!

Check out our Mustang gear ratio chart for a better understanding of what gears came on your Mustang as well as recommended upgrades.

Mustang Aluminum Driveshafts

Top Mustang Mods Under $1000 - Top Mustang Mods Under $1000

*Prices As Low As $373.99!*

Your driveshaft is an important part of your Mustang, it connects to the pinion flange on the rear axle and to the transmission thus allowing your car to go. The Mustang Aluminum Driveshaft allows you to push massive torque and horsepower to your rear wheels.

If you have a high-performance motor, it is highly recommended to add an upgraded driveshaft. Aluminum driveshafts are lightweight and help to reduce unsprung and rotational mass. This allows your driveshaft to spin quicker resulting in faster acceleration. They are around 10 pounds less than your steel driveshaft and are typically the go-to upgrade for performance over steel and are more affordable than a carbon fiber driveshaft.

Take a look at our Mustang aluminum vs stock driveshaft article to give you more insight of the benefits of this upgrade.

Shop LMR.com for all your driveshaft needs!