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Top Mustang Mods Under $500

Created by Taylor Ward
Last Updated 9/14/2021

If you are wanting some of the best upgrades for your 1979-current Mustang check out our article listing the top Mustang mods under $500!

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Top Mustang Mods Under $500 - Top Mustang Mods Under $500

Mustang Aluminum Radiators

Top Mustang Mods Under $1000 - Top Mustang Mods Under $1000

Keep Your Mustang Cooler With An Aluminum Radiator

Often the factory Mustang radiator can leak, rust, clog, crack, or even become damaged over time causing your motor to overheat and your cooling system to be contaminated. With LMR's direct replacement Mustang Aluminum Radiators, you can get your coolant flowing smoothly again! Shop for your Mustang today!

Curious about additional benefits of upgrading to an aluminum radiator? Check out our aluminum radiator vs stock guide to highlight all of the features!

Mustang Headlights

Top Mustang Mods Under $1000 - Top Mustang Mods Under $1000

Give Your Mustang An Updated Look With New Headlights

Choose from LMR's many Mustang Headlight options such as a factory style or a custom look with our huge selection of aftermarket headlights! Choose from clear, ultra-clear, black, smoked, one-piece, projector, and halo headlights for a unique look! Light up the road with our prime headlight options today.

For those interest in New Edge Mustang headlights, we have created a guide for the best headlights for 99-04 New Edge Mustangs that we offer!

Mustang Tailights

Top Mustang Mods Under $1000 - Top Mustang Mods Under $1000

Give Those Camaros Something Nice To Look At

Match the headlights of your car with a new pair of Mustang Taillights from Late Model Restoration. Our many options such as stock, smoked, euro smoked, LED, SVO, and many more are sure to provide the exact fit and finish that you are looking for! All lights are made to be a direct replacement with no modification needed and is such a great way to show off your car!

Addtionally, check out our Mustang tail light guide of how the Mustang Tailights changed over the years from the Fox Body all the way to the S550!

Mustang Lowering Springs

Top Mustang Mods Under $1000 - Top Mustang Mods Under $1000

Add A Great New Stance To Your Mustang With A Set Of Lowering Springs

Give your Fox Body, SN-95, New Edge, S197 or S550 Mustang a great stance with a set of SVE Lowering Springs! Not only will it sit pretty but you will get improved handling without losing ride quality. SVE Mustang lowering springs will give you great stance and improve your handling without breaking the bank.

If you are looking for a more in-depth look on the different lowering springs brands check out our ranked & reviewed best Mustang lowering spring guide!

Mustang Weatherstrip Kits

Top Mustang Mods Under $1000 - Top Mustang Mods Under $1000

Seal Up Your Mustang With New Weatherstrip

Replace your dried, cracking, or loose Mustang Weatherstrip with our direct replacements! Our wide variety of all of the different weatherstrip options is sure to keep your Mustang sealed so that you can protect your Mustang from the outside elements, as well as keeping the inside of your vehicle nice and quiet from wind noise.

After years of sitting out in the sun and rain, your Fox Body Mustang's weatherstrip can start to deteriorate, become worn, torn, and brittle. We put together this Fox Body weatherstrip guide to help you get the correct weatherstrip for your Fox Body Mustang!

Mustang Cold Air Kits

Top Mustang Mods Under $1000 - Top Mustang Mods Under $1000

Add Horsepower & Torque With A New Cold Air Intake

Many believe that a new Mustang Cold Air Kit is the best bang for your buck when it comes to adding horsepower and increased MPG while only sacrificing a little bit of cash. Of course, our SVE branded intake kits are highly recommended, but we have a wide variety of brands that are sure to give you exactly what you need!

Mustang Short Throw Shifters

Top Mustang Mods Under $500 - Top Mustang Mods Under $500

Get Quicker Shifts With A Mustang Short Throw Shifter

Shop Late Model Restoration for the best selection of Mustang Short Throw Shifters! Shifters are one of the most popular modifications made to Mustangs. Late Model Restoration carries manual shifters from top name brands from SVE, Pro 5.0, Steeda, Hurst, and Ford Performance. If you're looking for a short-throw shifter for your Mustang manual transmission, LMR has the Mustang parts you need to shift you in the right direction.

If you are on the fence about if a short throw shifter is right for you, check out our what is a short throw shifter guide that highlights the benefits that it can add to you driving experience.

Mustang Tuners

Top Mustang Mods Under $500 - Top Mustang Mods Under $500

Unleash Hidden Horsepower & Torque With A Mustang Tuner

Our Mustang Tuners are a great way to unleash hidden horsepower and torque from your Mustang. SCT programmers from Late Model Restoration can correct air to fuel ratios, dial in performance upgrades, and correct speedometers after gear installs,

Choose from a variety of SCT handheld tuners or programmers including the popular SCT X4 tuner.. Got a non-OBD II Mustang? Don't worry, we have programmable engine management system kits just for you. This kit allows you to adjust the parameters of your Mustang for optimal performance. Get yours along with a custom tune to maximize the power and performance of your Mustang along with getting the best gas mileage possible.

Follow along as we dyno this 2018 Mustang GT using the SCT X4 Tuner which resulted in an increase of 20 Horsepower & 12 lb-ft of Torque!