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TPMS Training For S550 Mustang | Do It Yourself

Created by Taylor Ward
Last Updated 7/7/2020

Check out Late Model Restoration's DIY TPMS training guide for S550 Mustangs. Our troubleshooting guide should help you solve any of your pesky TPMS issues.

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TPMS Training For S550 Mustang - TPMS Training For S550 Mustang

Often we hear of many customers having difficulty in getting all of their TPMS sensors to work correctly so we at LMR have put together a quick and easy guide on how to train your S550 TPMS sensors manually. Also if you if have an S197 Mustang (2005-14) check out our reprogramming guide.

Here are the steps to Train the S550 TPMS Sensors Manually:

  • Press and release brake pedal (DO NOT PRESS CLUTCH if the car has a Manual Transmission)

  • Press the start and stop button three times (from on to off) and leave it in the start position so all of the lights are on.

  • Press and release brake pedal again

  • Then, press repeat the start/stop button process. When the car is ready, the horn will honk.

  • Now, it is time to train the sensors. The dash will tell you where to go but you usually start on the driver side Front.

  • Point the Training tool at the tire where the TPMS Sensor is located and press the green button. The car will honk when the tire is trained. Move to the next tire.

  • Once you do the last tire the dash will say, "Training Complete".

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