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Triple Black Fox Body Mustang Project

Triple Black Fox Body Mustang Project

Triple Black Fox Body Mustang Project

Last Updated 12/12/2016 by Jeff Jimenez

Watch us restore a Triple Black Fox Body Mustang with our latest project car.

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You have seen me write about plenty of LMR.com Mustang project cars through the years. This time around, I wanted to cover my own project car for you guys to follow. I want to welcome you all to my personal Triple Black Fox Body Mustang project. No crazy names or any of that silly stuff. Just a grass roots Fox Body Restoration project. I plan to have plenty of how to guides and I’m sure I can talk Landan into doing a few videos to help you with your own resto project.

Here is a little background on the car. It is a 1990 Mustang GT Convertible. Yes, this was a Craigslist find. We found this poor Fox Body Mustang sitting out in a field in Central Texas. After some money was exchanged, she was quickly brought back to LMR headquarters for some TLC. At the very bottom of this article you will find more background information about this car, updated pictures and why it is so important to me.

Being it does not have a motor or transmission, getting the car moving under its own power it priority number one! After that we plan to tackle the interior, exterior, suspension and brakes. Stay tuned and check back often! There will be plenty of updates over the next few months. We plan to return this Triple Black Fox Body back to its glory days.

I’d love to see some of your Fox Body Mustang convertible projects. Be sure to leave a comment below and share some pictures of your project!

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We picked this Fox Body up without a motor and transmission. That means step one will be getting this Stang to move under its own power and more power than the stock 5.0L engine. To solve this issue, we turned to SVE & 5.0Resto products. Specifically, we turned to the 5.0Resto 5.0L economy short block and the SVE top end kit.

Below you will find a full video series about using these major components to build you own SVE power plant in your Fox Body Mustang. Be sure to stick around as we show you what accessories, ignition and exhaust we go with on this project. Once it is all together, you can rest assured we will be sure to get you some solid dyno numbers.

How To: Build a 302/351 Mustang Engine

SVE Longblock Build Building an engine is often thought to be, an “Act of Congress” to any of us that have never really put our minds together to build one. Fortunately for all of you, we decided to throw one of our 5.0Resto Economy Short Blocks on an engine stand and get to work. Several of us shot ideas back and f... more

Triple Black Fox Body Mustang Project Tech Info

Triple Black Fox Body Mustang Project - triple black fox body mustang project