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Diode Dynamics Limited Warranty -

Warranty Contact Info: If you have a technical concern or question, please contact Diode Dynamics directly via phone at (314) 205-3033 or via email at for advisement.

Diode Dynamics Limited Warranty

All Products: 3-Year Replacement Limited Warranty Diode Dynamics carries a 3-year limited warranty on all products, for manufacturing defects or product failure, effective May 1st, 2014.

If you should have an issue with any product, Diode Dynamics will diagnose the issue with you, and you may be required to answer questions or assist in the diagnosis. If Diode Dynamics determines, in its sole discretion, that your product is defective in material or workmanship, Diode Dynamics will advise you to contact to arrange a return authorization and replacement.

For approved warranty claims, will replace the defective product with the same product or, if it has been discontinued, one comparable in performance and value.

U.S. Customers: All shipping costs are covered by for standard ground shipping in the lower 48 states.

International Customers: does not ship internationally at this time.

Free Support Forever Diode Dynamics always provides free support and assistance to any customer. If your warranty has expired, you will continue to receive free service, and they will assist you in determining a solution or possible repair to any issues you might be having with our products.

Stipulations All warranties are non-transferable. Warranty terms and policies are subject to change without notice.

All warranties, expressed or implied, are void if Diode Dynamics technical assistance determines that there is sufficient evidence of one or more of the following:

  • Negligence: Improper installation or improper use, including using or installing any product in a manner not specified by Diode Dynamics, or damage caused by improper installation.

  • Abuse: Damage beyond the limits of "normal wear and tear.

  • Unauthorized Repair: Repair service performed or attempted by an unauthorized party.

  • Unauthorized Dealer: Purchase of items through any unauthorized party.

  • Modification or Tampering: Opening, disassembling, cutting wires, or in any way tampering with any product in a manner not specified by Diode Dynamics.