Mustang Tuners & Mustang Programmers

Unleash hidden horsepower and torque in your Mustang with a Mustang tuner & Mustang programmer. Shop Late Model Restoration today!

Our Mustang tuners are a great way to unleash hidden horsepower and torque from your Mustang. SCT programmers from Late Model Restoration can correct air to fuel ratios, dial in performance upgrades, correct speedometers after gear installs, and change parameters to get the most out of your Mustang engine! Choose from a variety of SCT handheld tuners or programmers including the popular SCT X4 and the Livewire TS programmer and monitor.

Mustang Tuner Tech Guides

SCT Tuner Tech: How To Update Your Device

Watch as we show you how to update your Mustang or SVT Lightning SCT Tuner! Unlock the full potential of your tuner by keeping it up-to-date.

SCT Tuner Tech: How To Upload Custom Tunes

Unlock your Mustang or SVT Lightning's true performance potential with an SCT custom tune. Check out the steps on how to upload SCT custom tunes.

A Mustang tuner will enable you to change the settings on your factory tune for more performance and horsepower! It can also read engine codes (PCM Trouble Codes or DTC), adjust speed limiters and rev limiters, and also change speedometer readings for rear end gear swaps. A Mustang programmer is a must have for for any Mustang performance enthusiast! We are your source for a Mustang Programmer or Mustang Tuner!

Got a non-OBD II Mustang? Don't worry, we have programmable engine management system kits just for you. This kit allows you to adjust the parameters of your Mustang for optimal performance. Grab a tuner to maximize the power and performance of your Mustang along with getting the best gas mileage possible.