1979-1993 Fox Body Mustang Brake Pads & Shoes

Pick up a set of replacement brake pads and a drum brake rebuild kit to get your Fox Body Mustang stopping better than ever.

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Fox Body Mustang Restoration Guide: Brakes

Got questions about upgrading brakes on your Fox Body Mustang? Watch our installation video & read our tech guides here!

How To Bed In Brake Pads

Bedding in your brake pads and rotors is an essential task that is required for proper braking performance and longevity. Follow along with the article below, and we will walk you through these how-to steps.

Fox Body Mustang Brake Pads & Shoes

Are your 1979-1993 Mustang brake pads squeaking, creaking, or not working like they used to? It may be time to replace your Fox Body Mustang brake pads & brake shoes. Brake pads & shoes wear over time due to everyday use. When they start to wear down to the point of replacement, they can begin to make a squealing noise to let you know it's time for a brake job. Late Model Restoration carries everything you need to complete your Mustang brake job quickly and easily. From stock replacement brake pads to performance brake pads, you get a wide variety of choices to outfit your Mustang.

We also carry a complete line of replacement brake shoes and drum hardware kits to help you complete your rear drum brake restoration. Lastly, don't forget to finish off your performance brake upgrade with a set of Fox Body stainless steel brake hoses.