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  • 1987-1993 Mustang Mirror Switch Installation Tech Guide

    Replace your worn or malfunctioning 1987-93 Fox Mustang side view mirror switch easily with our LMR restoration guide and instructions! more

    Read more: 79 93 mustang , tech , tech guide , interior

    Posted by Neal Jimenez on 8/17/2022

  • How To Bed In Brake Pads

    Bedding in your brake pads and rotors is an essential task that is required for proper braking performance and longevity. Follow along with the article below, and we will walk you through these how-to steps. more

    Read more: 79 93 mustang , 94 04 mustang , 05 09 mustang , 10 14 mustang , 2015 mustang , 93 95 lightning , 99 04 lightning , brakes , tech , tech guide

    Posted by Jay Walling on 8/17/2022

  • Stock 2000 Mustang GT W/ 4R70W Transmission Hits The Dyno!

    Ever wondered how much a bone stock 2000 GT Mustang W/ a 4R70W makes on the dyno? Today, we check out Nathan's New Edge and find out! more

    Read more: 94 04 mustang , new edge mustang , sn95 , sn95 mustang , dyno

    Posted by Jude Horstman on 8/16/2022

  • 1987-1989 Fox Body Mustang Lower Dash Trim Kit Install

    Follow along as we show you how to install the lower dash trim panel on your 1987-1989 Fox Body Mustang. more

    Read more: 79 93 mustang , fox body , fox body mustang , interior , 5.0resto , 50resto , restoration

    Posted by Jude Horstman on 8/15/2022

  • 1999-2004 Mustang Intake Manifold Differences

    The 4.6L SOHC engine found in the New Edge Mustang was improved in many areas over previous years. One of these updates included the intake manifold. This article will cover the primary differences between the OEM intake and the popular aftermarket designs. more

    Read more: 94 04 mustang , intake manifold , tech , tech guide , comparison , dyno

    Posted by Jay Walling on 8/13/2022