Mustang Blower Motors & A/C Parts

If your Mustang blower motors are not working, making noises, or not blowing like it use to it may be time to replace the blower motor assembly, speed switch, or wiring harness. Over time, HVAC blower motors can become worn out causing your A/C or heat to not blow out of your vents properly. LMR carries replacement blower motor assemblies, blower fan speed switches, and switch repair wiring harnesses to get your HVAC system working properly again. Needing small parts to get your A/C working again? These hard to find parts can cause your air conditioning and heating system to malfunction and not cool properly. Choose from A/C clutch cycling switches, blower motor resistors, blower fan speed switches, cabin air filters, A/C decals, blower fan speed switch repair wiring harnesses, hardware, and compressor harnesses to get your A/C working like new again!

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Mustang Blower Motors

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