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Mustang Supercharger Kits & Accessories

Increase the power in your Ford with Mustang superchargers. Late Model Restoration offers a wide selection of supercharger kits & accessories for your Mustang.

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Mustang Supercharger Accessories

Mustang Supercharger Kits & Accessories Tech Info

Gain HUGE horsepower with superchargers for your Mustang! We a have all of the top-line brands such as Vortech, Ford Performance and Paxton! If your Mustang isn't getting down or around the track fast enough, a blower may be the answer. Adding a supercharger increases the air intake into your engine, more air = more power! Horsepower gains of up to 150 RWHP are common in most simple applications and can always be modified to get your speed fix! Start shopping for a supercharger now and be the fastest guy at the track this weekend!

For 1986-93 Fox Body Mustangs, LMR offers superchargers from both Vortech & Paxton. Also for Fox Bodies, we include supercharger accessories such as Power Pipes, Radiator Hoses, Bypass Kits, Boost-A-Pumps, and more!

For 1994-04 SN95 & New Edge Mustangs we offer superchargers from both Vortech & Whipple brands as well as Heat Exchangers, Pulleys, and more accessories such as Oil Kits, Gaskets, Bypass Kits, Boost-A-Pumps, etc.

Wrapping up with S197 & S550 Mustangs, LMR offers a ton of popular brands such as Paxton, Vortech, Whipple, Roush, Ford Performance, & Edelbrock to give you the perfect set up for your needs!