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1979-1993 Fox Body Mustang Exhaust

LMR.com is your #1 source for 1979-1993 Mustang exhaust systems and components. Bring the noise with Mustang Headers, mid pipes, Mustang Catbacks, mufflers, tips and other Fox Body Exhaust for your 1979-1993 Mustang at LMR.com!

Our aftermarket exhaust systems and components are the perfect kickstart for any Mustang performance upgrade and include selections from leading brands such as Flowmaster, Pypes, BBK, Magnaflow, SLP and more! Direct bolt on components make for clean, easy installs on your Fox and will instantly free up horsepower, increase flow, and dramatically improve sound!

Adding an exhaust system to your Fox Body can add a unique way that your car sounds. It also helps to improve the way your exhaust expels from your engine and improve the overall performance. LMR.com offers headers, H-pipes, X-pipes, Catbacks, Tailpipes, mufflers, and exhaust accessories to help put the finishing touches on your Fox!

Headers are a big part of your exhaust upgrade and can improve the air flow of your exhaust. There are two types of headers; shorty headers and long tube headers. They both provide different performance uses and what sets them apart is the length in the tubes that merge into a single pipe. Because of this, it affects back pressure in a different way. Long tube headers are better for preventing back pressure which gives an added amount of horsepower because of better oxygen intake. Long tube headers perform better in the mid to high RPM range and shorty headers perform better in the low RPM range.

Just like headers, there are two popular types of performance style exhausts; H-pipes and X-pipes and both serve different performance purposes. The X-Pipe creates a higher pitch sound because of the way the pipe allows the exhaust to flow freely through the pipe. The higher the RPMs are. The smoother the flow of the exhaust is which allows your car to operate at its peak level with this exhaust. The H-pipe gains its maximum performance use at low RPMs and gives your car a low deep tone like a true muscle car.

Catback exhaust are simple power modification adders that help to free up exhaust gas flow and reduce back pressure at the manifold. They are usually larger than your stock pipes and have mandrel bent piping rather than traditional piping. This helps to allow your exhaust to flow freely and expel gasses more efficiently.

Adding an aftermarket muffler to your exhaust can have a huge effect on the way your Fox sounds. From extremely loud to mildly loud or opposite, whatever you prefer, LMR has an exhaust for you. Over time your exhaust can break from constant road use and vehicle vibrations. We offer a vast amount of repair parts to help keep your exhaust looking and running as good as possible. With parts for your Fox Body exhaust from installation hardware, sensor parts, repair kits, and catalytic converters we have what you need. Shop LMR.com for all your exhaust needs!

1979-1993 Fox Body Mustang Exhaust Tech Info

We carry a full line of shorty headers, long tube headers, h-pipes, x-pipes, catback systems, mufflers, high flow catalytic converters, and all of the hardware you need to get it installed. Choose from top brands like BBK, Pypes, SLP, Flowmaster, Bassani, and Magnaflow to outfit your exhaust system.