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1979-1993 Mustang Hydroboost Conversion

Upgrade your Fox Body brakes with a hydroboost conversion kit. A hydroboost conversion can increase braking performance when compared to stock brake setups.

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Convert your Fox Body manual or vacuum-assisted brakes to a Hydroboost setup with a 1979-93 Mustang Hydroboost Conversion. These conversion components are perfect for those wanting to get rid of your Fox Body factory-style power brakes and give your Mustang better braking performance. Also Great for Coyote swap projects! With quality designed and built parts, these components from Maximum Motorsports are the way to go.
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Coyote Swap Hydroboost Kits

1979-1993 Mustang Hydroboost Conversion Parts

Late Model Restoration offers Fox Body Mustang Hydroboost parts like Master Cylinders, Hydroboost Conversion Kits as well as Power Brake Boosters.

About the Video

SVE Mustang Coyote Swap Hydroboost Plumbing Kits - Review (79-04)

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Published on 2020-09-18
KRC Hydroboost Kit: http://latemodelres.to/SVEHyrdoboost_KRC_YouTube
PBH Hydroboost Kit: http://latemodelres.to/SVEHyrdoboost_PBH_YouTube

Check out the install videos below:
KRC: https://youtu.be/ee9kwldGNWs
PBH: https://youtu.be/T3nUxYyWmdo

Ensure the hydroboost system on your 1979-2004 Coyote Swapped Mustang is properly plumbed with SVE's premium hydroboost plumbing kit! When it comes to coyote swapped 1979-2004 Mustangs, there are multiple ways to approach this swap. Regardless of the route, there is a desire for the luxury of hydroboost assisted brakes and power steering. After performing several coyote swaps of their own, SVE researched and developed a viable solution based kit to properly plumb the hydroboost system. SVE specifically designed this kit for cars utilizing the Power By The Hour Speed Drive setup or KRC Power Steering Pump Kit and a hydroboost assembly from a 1999-2004 V8 Mustang.

Premium Components
SVE utilizes premium components within this plumbing kit to provide power assist brakes and power steering for coyote swapped 1979-2004 Mustangs with the Power By The Hour Speed Drive or KRC Power Steering Pump Kit. The main benefit of this kit is that the return lines are constructed of a universal, power steering grade material, allowing each line to be custom routed and tailored to the end user's desired specifications. By utilizing these high-quality components, SVE was able to successfully provide a bolt-on plumbing kit with an exceptional fit and finish! SVE is proud to offer this kit to eliminate all of the guesswork for your coyote swap project to help you save time and money!

*Please see the product page for specific kit info for the included parts and components*
KRC: http://latemodelres.to/SVEHyrdoboost_KRC_YouTube
PBH: http://latemodelres.to/SVEHyrdoboost_PBH_YouTube

As with any swap or retro-fit, there are a number of variables involved. Due to this, SVE can not guarantee that this plumbing kit will work for everyone's application.

Fits 1979-2004 Coyote Swapped Mustang w/ 1999-2004 V8 Mustang Hydroboost Assembly

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79-04 Mustang SVE Hydroboost Plumbing Kits
How’s it going, everyone? I’m Landan with LMR.com!
In this video, we’re going to be talking hydroboost plumbing for Coyote-swapped 1979
to 2004 Mustangs.
Intro cont.
So how this kit came about is pretty straightforward… Whenever Shannon, who is the
owner of our company for those of you that were unaware... fully restored his Uncle
Ted’s 1985 ASC McLaren Capri, the hydroboost plumbing was a must-have for the
With a game plan in mind, Shannon and Scott Hubbard took to the drawing boards and
built a simple plumbing kit with quality hose and AN fittings.
Like many other things from that build, it transitioned into a marketable and sellable
So when it comes to a Coyote swap in a 1979 to 2004 Mustang, it seems like there are
a million ways to do it!
Well, whatever it is that you decide on, there are several of us out there that want the
luxury of power assist brakes and power steering.
So after building a few swaps of our own, we figured the world needed some viable
solutions when plumbing their hydroboost and power steering setups.
The kits that we built are going to eliminate the guesswork and headache of trying to
source all of the components separately.
In the long run, that only is going to save you time which intern will save you money!
PBH kit.
So the first kit I’m going to talk about is our kit designed for Power by the Hour’s Speed
Drive setup.
Now the kit components will include everything you need to plumb your hydroboost
system minus the fluid.
First up are (2) black nylon braided high-pressure hoses that are the correct length and
are pre-terminated with black AN fittings for an easy, direct install.
Along with the high-pressure hoses, you’ll get our proprietary power steering pump
fitting, a Teflon seal for this fitting, banjo fittings and bolts for the hydroboost, a rubber
return hose with a molded 90-degree end, a Tee fitting, clamps, (2) two-foot rubber
return hoses that will be cut-to-fit, (1) large rubber return hose that is also cut-to-fit,
steering rack fittings, a factory-style return hose that connects to the steering rack and
factory power steering cooler tube, and thread locking compound for hydraulic
KRC kit.
Now let’s shift gears and talk about our plumbing kit that is designed for the KRC power
steering pump.
This kit will also include (2) -6 AN black nylon braided high-pressure hoses that have
specific lengths and are pre-terminated with black -6 AN fittings.
Along with the high-pressure hoses, you’ll get banjo fittings and bolts for the hydroboost,
a small fitting that converts the return port on the hydroboost assembly to AN, a Y-block
with -6 AN fittings, (4) pre-terminated -6 AN nylon braided return hoses, steering rack
fittings, (3) adel clamps and (2) nuts for hose management, a bag of zip-ties, and thread
locking compound for hydraulic applications.
If we take a closer look at two of the return hoses, you’ll notice that we use tube seal
clamps to secure the nylon braided hose to the factory cooler tube.
The tube-seal clamps look like a traditional AN fitting which and will provide that finished
look, but feature a worm gear clamp for ease of use.
Important fitment notes.
Both of these hydroboost kits are engineered to fit all 1979 to 2004 Coyote-swapped
Mustangs that are utilizing a hydroboost assembly from a 99 to 04 V8 Mustang.
So if you’re swapping a Coyote engine into anything other than a 1999 to 2004 V8
Mustang, you will need to source a refurbished or take-off hydroboost assembly from a
99 to 04 V8 car.
Whenever each plumbing kit is installed and the car is ready to fire, you can fill and
bleed the system.
Last thing and this is just a heads up; because of several variables with
Coyote-swapped Mustangs, we can’t guarantee that these kits will work for everyone’s
But guys, I’m telling ya, these SVE hydroboost plumbing kits are awesome!
If you have any questions on these kits, reach out to us in the comments, give us a call
or shoot us an email.
Remember, at the end of the day, we’re here to help!
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in this video, be sure and reference lmr.com!
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