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Mustang Rear Control Arms

Upgrade your suspension with a set of tubular Mustang rear control arms! These Mustang rear control arms are stronger than factory for better performance!

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Mustang Rear Control Arms by Year

Whether you have a Fox Body, SN-95, New Edge, or S197, Late Model Restoration has the perfect Mustang rear control arm to upgrade your worn-out suspension.

Mustang Rear Control Arms by Type

A set of tubular Mustang rear control arms is a great way to help your Mustang handle, launch, and corner on and off the track. Over time, your factory rear control arms can become bent, twisted, weak, and worn out. This can seriously affect the performance of your Mustang and cause power loss through suspension flex. Pick up a set of tubular rear control arms and put all of your horsepower to the ground. Give your Mustang a great look with red, black, chromoly, hammertone, and silver finishes on these kits. Don't forget to pick up new Prothane bushings to replace worn and torn bushings. These hard compound bushings are designed to reduce deflection and wheel hop to keep your Mustang launching hard.

Mustang Rear Control Arms by Brand

Choose from top brands such as BMR, Ford Performance, J&M, Maximum Motorsports, Steeda, UPR, and QA1 for a wide variety of performance Mustang rear control arm kits.