Mustang Manual Brake Conversion

Use these Mustang manual brake conversion kits to save weight on your car! LMR has what you need to convert your Mustang from power brakes to manual brakes. LMR has complete manual brake conversion kits from top name brands like ASP and Maximum Motorsports.

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Mustang Manual Brake Conversion

Mustang Manual Brake Conversion FAQ:

Are Manual Brake Conversions safe for street use?

Yes, Manual Brake Conversions can be used on a daily street-driven vehicle. however, it is highly recommended to use the proper Master Cylinder, upgraded braided hoses, and to have all brake components in proper working operation before considering this.

If I have disc brakes do I still need an adjustable proportioning valve?

Yes, with any rear disc conversion for the 79-93 year ranges, you will still require an adjustable proportioning valve when doing a Manual Brake Conversion.

Can I do a Manual Brake Conversion with drum brakes?

Yes, but it is highly recommended that your brake shoes are well maintained and properly adjusted at all times to ensure proper engagement.