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Mustang A/C Condenser - 1979-2004 Mustangs

The Mustang condenser is one of the most common part of an air conditioning system to get damaged. The condenser looks similar to a radiator and is usually mounted in front of the vehicles radiator. This allows air to flow past the tiny tubes that the refrigerant flows through to dissipate heat. Being mounted in front of the radiator, the condenser can become damaged from rocks and other road debris causing leaks or clogging tubes. Late Model Restoration has you covered with direct replacement Mustang A/C condensers!

A Mustang A/C condenser works by placing freon gas in a sealed system. The freon is then pressurized using a compressor. As it's pressurized, it gets hot by absorbing the heat around it. This hot gas is then circulated through the A/C condenser, which is simply a series of tubes that dissipate the heat by allowing cool air to flow around them. The freon gas can lose lots of heat (get cold) when you reduce the pressure, then as it cools it becomes a liquid.

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Mustang Condensers