Mustang Gauges & Gauge Pods

One of the best additions you can make to your interior are Mustang gauges & gauge pods. Shop with us today to get your hands on one!

These gauges and pods mount in your interior and let you know how your engine is running at all times. Choose from gauges that display voltage, oil pressure, water temperature, fuel pressure, oil temperature, boost, RPMs, and air to fuel ratios. Keeping an eye on all of these engine parameters can mean the difference between noticing a problem early and having to rebuild a motor. We offer a wide selection of manufacturers to choose from to outfit your Mustang including SVE, Roush, Ford Racing, and Auto Meter.

Take your pick of mechanical and electronic gauges for your Mustang. In addition to these gauges, we also offer tachometer and speedometer gauges to help out with a malfunctioning gauge cluster. Mounting these gauges is easy with our many gauge pods. These pods mount on your pillar, dashboard, radio slots, cluster bezels, steering column, and much more easy-to-read places. These pods can be painted to match and feature the same texture as your factory components. Don't forget to pick up speedometer gears, gauge overlays, shift lights, and new instrument lens/clusters to complete your installation.