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Do you need to replace your Ford Mustang radiator? Choose from Mustang aluminum radiators and direct replacement radiators for an easy fix!

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A performance Ford Mustang aluminum radiator greatly improves the efficiency of your cooling system to prevent overheating. A factory Ford Mustang radiator can leak, crack, rust, clog, and become damaged over time, causing your motor to overheat and your cooling system to be contaminated. With a direct fit, replacement Mustang aluminum radiator, you can get your coolant flowing perfectly again! These 3-row radiators are offered in kits featuring overflow tanks, radiator hoses, thermostats, fan shrouds, and cooling fans to help maximize cooling power.

The Mustang’s factory radiator, throughout the years, was good enough for factory applications and daily driving. If your Mustang has any upgraded engine mods, the stock radiator can easily become incapable of adequately cooling your vehicle. Thin row design, plastic end tanks, and inadequate cooling fins often cause overheating issues. Overheating is especially common with highly modified Mustangs for all 1979 - present applications running an OEM radiator.

Many enthusiasts choose to upgrade the factory Ford Mustang radiator to a radiator that has a more efficient aftermarket aluminum core design. These aftermarket Mustang aluminum radiators are offered in various brands, color combinations, and price ranges to fit any Mustang project you are working with! Adding larger aftermarket radiators into your automotive’s cooling system will offer you additional assurance for your engine while retaining factory-like fitment. It can help keep you from being stranded on the side of the road or experiencing costly repairs that could have been easily avoided.

There are other reasons why you would need to replace or upgrade your radiator in your Mustang. Damage due to an accident, past overheating issues, and physical blockage or build-up inside the radiator can all be causes for you to upgrade to an aluminum radiator.

This is also a great time to check over common cooling system issues. Items like your Mustang radiator hoses, water pump, thermostats, heater core, and air deflectors also play a critical role in the efficiency of your Ford Mustang’s cooling system. If any of these are missing, damaged, or defective, this can add to the premature failure of your radiator. LMR has you covered on all of your late model Mustang cooling system needs!

Choose from popular high-performance radiators from Ford Racing, Mishimoto, Fluidyne, and SVE at Late Model Restoration. Need a new heat exchanger for your 2003–2004 Cobra? We also carry high-performance intercoolers.

These Mustang radiators fit Ford Mustang GT, V6, Mach 1, Shelby GT500, GT350 & More.

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