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Mustang Starters & Battery Parts

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Mustang Starter and Battery Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 

Where is the Mustang Starter?

  • The starter is located on the passenger side of the engine near the oil pan. 

What can cause a Mustang not to start? 

  • If your Mustang is not starting, there can be multiple issues that may need to be addressed. If your starter is getting the 12V signal at the starter, then most likely the starter is the culprit. If you are not getting a 12V signal when attempting to start your Mustang, you will need to trace backward from the starter to find where you are losing your signal. 

Does my Mustang need a high torque or mini starter?

  • In the 1979-1991 5.0L, the starters were larger bodied than the 1992-1995 5.0 starter. Mini starters are a great way to increase the clearance when installing headers or other exhaust work around the starter area. 

Why is my Mustang battery keep dying?

  • There can be multiple reasons why a battery may be dying in your Mustang. One main reason can be that your alternator is not putting out enough charge or is no longer working. Also, there can be a parasitic drain on your battery. This can be traced using our Parasitic Battery Drain Tech Guide.

Mustang Battery & Starter Components

Whether you need Mustang starters or just a battery relocation kit for better weight distribution, Late Model Restoration has what you need to do the job right. We offer a complete line of Mustang battery boxes, trays, relocation kits, battery covers, cables, and hardware. 
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