1999-2004 Ford Lightning Ignition

Maximize the full performance potential in your 1999-2004 SVT Lightning with performance ignition parts! Keep your Lightning running by replacing key ignition components with these high-performance replacements from Late Model Restoration. Increase your spark energy with high-performance coil packs from MSD, and high-energy coil packs from Accel! Shop 1999-2004 Ford Lightning ignition components below.

These parts fit 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, and 2004 SVT Ford Lightnings.

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1999-04 SVT Lightning Coil Packs

The ignition system on your 5.4L Supercharger SVT Lightning consist of two major components – spark plugs and ignition coils. Both can wreak havoc on your performance as they wear out and age. Replacing your worn out coil packs with a set of performance coils and spark plugs to match can help your SVT Lightning dominate the competition!

1999-04 SVT Lightning Spark Plugs