Mustang Third Brake Lights

Restore your exterior and improve safety with's 1979-current Mustang third brake lights and accessories selection.

Mustang 3rd Brake Light Tech Guides

1987-93 Fox Body Mustang Third Brake Light Lens Install (Hatchback)

Replacing your 3rd brake light with our direct replacement 5.0 Resto branded light will be a breeze with our step-by-step install guide!

Mustang LED 3rd Brake Light Install

Replace your faded Mustang 3rd brake light with our LED kit. Watch the installation video here!

Mustang Third Brake Light Pulser Installation (10-14)

Watch us show you how to install a 10-14 Mustang third brake light pulser. This easy installation will not only help your Stang look good but improves safety when braking!

How To Install Diode Dynamics 4th Brake Light Kit | 2015-23 Mustang

Diode Dynamics 4th Brake Light Kit Diode Dynamics is a manufacturer of LED lighting products for the automotive industry. Founded in 2006, Diode Dynamics is located in St. Louis, Missouri, and focuses on developing innovative, unique automotive LED components. Diode Dynamics' fourth brake light kit converts the f...

Mustang 3rd Brake Lights 

Late Model Restoration is your #1 source for all Mustang 3rd brake lights! We have a variety of Mustang 3rd brake lights, ranging from the factory red, smoked, 4th brake light module, and LED third brake lights!

Most state regulations require your vehicle to have a fully functioning 3rd brake light for safety inspections since it became mandatory in 1986. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) concluded that these high-mount or center-third brake lights dramatically reduced accidents and injuries. These lights allowed the vehicles following to have extra angles of vision to see when the brakes are applied. This is especially common when traveling through corners or when one of the main brake lights is blocked or inoperative. 

Whether it is a malfunctioning bulb, cracked or leaking housing, or you want an upgrade over stock. has what you need to get you going safely down the road!