1979-1993 Mustang Fox Body Torque Box Reinforcements

Get more traction in your Fox Body with 5.0 Resto's 1979-93 Mustang rear torque box reinforcement kit. These kits feature upper and lower reinforcement panels that can be bolted in or welded in. They are designed to stiffen the rear end, add strength, and improve the handling characteristics of your Mustang under acceleration.

Add some strength to your Fox Body with 1979-93 Mustang rear torque box reinforcements.These plates can be bolted in or welded into your chassis giving you added traction. Fox Body torque box reinforcements are a highly important part of your fox if you are operating at high horsepower. They help to reinforce your lower and upper control arms that connect to the chassis. Your stock torque box is weak and can easily become fatigued over time and start to crack. This can result in problems with your driveline and overall performance of your Fox Body. Pick up a set today for your Fox Body at

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1979-93 Mustang Torque Box Reinforcements

What Are Mustang Torque Boxes?

Many of you may be asking what is a torque box and what does it do? The 79-04 Mustang platform’s chassis came equipped with a standard four link setup. This included two upper and two lower control arms that connect the rear end of the vehicle to the chassis. In stock trim, these serve their purpose and are structurally sound. It is only when us true Mustang enthusiasts want to plant some serious power to the ground; these weak points can become a pesky issue.

As previously mentioned, there are four of these torque boxes on the car. When launching, cornering, or even daily driving our Mustangs around, these can become weak and brittle over time. This can be caused by natural decay and rust from the elements. These can also rip out from the car from excessive power that the factory did not put into consideration. This is especially common in the drag racing community. The extreme force some of these cars can occur, will literally pull the sheet metal out from the torque box area and can cause very costly repairs and downtime for your ride. The shear torque and rotational force from some of the higher horsepower applications can cause some nasty structural issues.

Starting with a clean slate is always best, a quick inspection of these areas is simple and can be done by any average Joe in their driveway. Things to look for will be rust and any separation of the structural integrity of the torque box area. Also, even check for any previous repairs that may not be up to par. If any of these are present, then it is best to consult with a local body shop or professional to address these accordingly to make sure that you have a good starting point. Over the years there have been many ways to add the needed strength to the torque box of the Mustang. Addressing these is the key point overall. Whether you use a simple bolt on application or if you choose to weld these into place, fixing it right the first time is always a good way to go. Some aftermarket options can include standard inserts made from plate steel. Others will tie all these together with added bracing for the strongest available benefits overall.

LMR offers a few different options from industry leading manufactures like 50Resto and BMR so you can beef up your torque box with confidence. As always, make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel to keep up to date with everything 79-present Mustang and Lightning.