Mustang Emblems & Mustang Badges

Add a touch of customization to your ride with new Ford Mustang emblems and Ford Mustang badges. Choose from a huge variety to get the perfect look on your car!

LMR carries a full line on factory and aftermarket fender, trunk, and grille Mustang emblems. Choose from virtually any badge you would need for your Fox Body, SN95, New Edge, S197, or S550 at Late Model Restoration.

To help restore your 1979-1993 Mustang, we carry popular emblems such as 5.0, running pony, dash pony, Ford, LX, Cobra, SVO, and Mustang text. We also offer cubic inch emblems for your high-performance 302CI, 331CCI, 347CI, 351CI, and 460CI to let everyone know what you have under your hood! Fox Body Mustangs are known for having worn out or missing badges that makes your car look worn out and run down.

Outfit your 1994-2004 New Edge with new emblems such as the GT, Ford trunk, Engine Liter, Pony grille, and anniversary emblems.

Need new badges for your 2005-2014 S197? Check out our new curved black and chrome 3.7 and 5.0 badges to outfit your V6 or Coyote powered Mustangs. These black badges give your S197 a stealthy look while retaining a small touch of detail with the red dot between the numbers.

Rounding up the list are our S550 Emblems & Badges. Shop our speciality kits such as our Black 5.0 Emblem Kit, SVE 2.3 Black-Out Emblem Kit, GT500 Fender Emblem Kit, and much more. We also offer additional 5.0, 2.3, 3.7, Shelby, Coyote, Boosted, Pony, and Ford emblems and badges to take your S550's appearance to the next level.

Take your pick from various other emblems such as V8, SUPERCHARGED, TURBO, High Performance, Police interceptor, R, Hurst Equipped, Roush, SLP, Steeda, Shelby, Bullitt, SVT, and powered by Ford. These emblems are easy to install featuring either a peel and stick design, or alignment holes w/ adhesive backing. Don't forget to check out our installation videos to make sure you install your emblem properly.