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1993-1995 Ford Lightning Brake Rotors & Drums

Restore the braking performance of your 1993-95 SVT Lightning with new brake rotors and brake drums from Late Model Restoration!

New rotors and drums can vastly improve how your Ford SVT Lightning performs. Warped or worn rotors can cause nasty vibrations that don't allow your truck to stop as quickly as it once did. Replace your rotors with one of our stock replacement kits to restore braking performance, or upgrade with one of our slotted kits that greatly reduces stopping distance! Overhaul your rear drums with our rear drum kit that replaces the common wear items that make up your rear brakes. Shop our selection of Ford Lightning brake rotors and drums below!

These rotors and drums will fit 1993, 1994, and 1995 Ford SVT Lightnings.
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1993-95 Ford Lightning Brake Rotors

1993-95 Ford Lightning Brake Drums