Mustang Coilover Kits

Easily adjust the ride height of your Mustang while getting superior handling with Mustang coilovers & coilover kits from Late Model Restoration.

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Mustang Coilover Kits

These coilover kits are the perfect upgrade for those looking to shed some weight and get better handling. They are widely used in road racing, auto-x, and drag racing events for optimum performance. They lower the center of gravity and allow you to raise and lower your Mustang in very small increments to help tune your suspension.

Mustang coilover kits allow you to easily adjust the ride height of your Mustang while increasing its handling capabilities. Coilover kits replace your stock struts, shocks, and springs with adjustable coilovers and spring perches that allow you to make on-the-go adjustments. These adjustments can lower or raise your Mustang and can allow you to make the ride comfort stiffer or softer for any track situation.


What Spring Rate is Best For My Build?
    • Street/Strip Driving - LMR suggests a 12"-14" 150lb-200lb spring setup. These kits will give your drag Mustang a great weight transfer for the strip. These spring rates will help with overall weight transfer on the drag strip. The taller springs used on these applications will allow the front end of the vehicle to raise and allow the rear end to squat more. If your Mustang is a drag strip only vehicle, then you will want to lean more towards the lighter end of the spectrum, 150lb-175lb with a taller 14" spring. For a daily driver that you occasionally take out on the weekend, the higher 175-200lb rates and 12" springs will be better suited for you.

    • Street Driving - LMR suggests a 12" 225lb-250lb spring setup. These kits will allow you to adjust your ride height and give you heightened handling characteristics. Normally, These rates will offer you the best overall ride quality for a daily driven street vehicle. If your main objective is a little of everything, this will be the option we recommend.

    • Performance Driving - LMR suggests a 10" 275-300lb spring setup. These kits will allow you to get better performance than a normal street kit but can still be used for light track use. Going with the 275lb or higher rates can heighten NVH and overall ride quality on the street. These applications would be recommended for occasional street use only.

  • Auto X & Road Race Driving - LMR suggests a 10" 350lb-400lb spring setup. These kits will perform greatly on the track for any auto x and road racing events. Ride quality will be sacrificed with these kits. If you are going this route, we recommend these to be for competition/off-road applications only.