1979-1993 Fox Body Mustang Clutch Cable, Quadrant & Firewall Adjuster

An absolute must when putting an after-market clutch in your 1979-1993 Fox Body Mustang is an adjustable clutch cable, aluminum quadrant, and firewall adjuster. These three components will give you the adjust ability needed when dealing with after-market clutches. Late Model Restoration carries a wide variety of adjustable clutch cables, quadrants, and firewall adjusters from top name brands like BBK, Steeda, and UPR.

An adjustable Mustang clutch cable is similar to your factory clutch cable, only this cable allows for precise adjustment when replacing a clutch or fine tuning your clutch pedal. Factory clutch cables are prone to snapping after years of use and adding an adjustable clutch cable is what most Mustang owners opt for. Pair it up with a firewall adjuster and an aluminum clutch quadrant for the full clutch cable upgrade kit

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Clutch cables strip, shred, fray and stretch over time and couple that with a stiffer clutch in a high performance application and you need an adjustable clutch cable, quadrant and firewall adjuster. These components replace the worn factory units and do the job where factory ones just weren't able to. Whether added as a complete kit or individually you will be glad to have mode adjustability and precision when setting engage and disengage of our clutch.

A Mustang firewall adjuster is an aluminum adjuster that mounts to your engine bay firewall to allow clutch cable adjustments without having to get under your vehicle. These adjusters allow for quicker adjustments for on the fly clutch cable adjustments during clutch installs or on race day. These adjusters come in a kit with all of the necessary installation hardware to make installation a breeze.

Factory Mustang clutch quadrants were made of plastic and were susceptible to breaking over time. LMR offers a solution to both replace and improve the performance of your clutch quadrant. By upgrading to a billet aluminum quadrant, you eliminate the possibility of breakage. A double hook quadrant allows foor the use of adjustable cables, firewall mounted cable adjusters, or both for the ultimate adjustment versatility.

If you are replacing your clutch or even just a snapped clutch cable, pick up an all in one clutch cable kit to give your Mustang the ease of adjustability. These kits include adjustable clutch cables, quick release quadrants, and a firewall adjuster. This combo has been proven to meet the needs of those wanting to upgrade their clutch performance and make adjusting their clutch cables much easier.