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Shop for the parts you need to get your Mustang convertible in tip-top shape! We have Mustang convertible tops, motors, weatherstrip, and more!

Mustang Convertible Tech Guides

Fox Body Mustang Convertible Restoration Guide

LMR has provided a Fox Body Mustang Convertible Restoration Guide that lists all of the convertible restoration components you will need for your Fox.

Fox Body Mustang Convertible Top Installation

Our Fox Body Mustang, Project IntroVert, needed to have its convertible top replaced –BADLY! Watch as LMR goes through what it took to install a new top.

Fox Body Mustang Convertible Weatherstrip Guide

Not sure which Fox Body weatherstrip you need? Check out this easy-to-use guide to get your Convertible Fox Body sealed up from the wind, rain, and other harsh elements.

Mustang Convertible Tops & Accessories

Late Model Restoration is the one-stop shop you've been looking for to replace your Mustang convertible top and other parts! Whether you have a Fox Body, SN95, New Edge, S197, or S550, we have the convertible top components to quickly get your Stang back on the road! Shop our factory-color convertible top kits for a perfect restoration that includes a new top, rear glass window, and more!

Is the hydraulic top motor not responding, leaving your convertible top inoperable? This is usually caused by a faulty seal or motor failure on the top cylinder assembly. We have hydraulic top cylinders with plenty of power to get that convertible top operational! carries all the weatherstrip and latches to seal that convertible top frame, preventing water from entering your interior! Worn latches and weatherstrip will allow the outside elements to enter your interior, potentially causing damage to your carpet, seats, and electronic components. Replacing these parts will prevent costly damage for a reasonable cost! 

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