Ford Mustang Subframe Connectors

LMR is your #1 source for Mustang subframe connectors! These connectors reduce unwanted chassis flex to give your Mustang better cornering capability.

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Late Model Restoration is your #1 source for Mustang subframe connectors! These connectors dramatically reduce unwanted chassis flex to give your Mustang better-cornering capability and track times. LMR offers a variety of Mustang subframe connectors from different manufacturers such as SVE, BBK, Steeda, BMR, Maximum Motorsports, and Stifflers to fit your Mustang. Choose from bolt-on or weld-on Mustang subframe connectors to provide support where you need it. These subframe connectors are built from heavy-duty material to last a long time.


These Mustang Subframe connectors are offered in many different options to improve overall chassis rigidity. Chassis flex can cause unwanted deflection when launching and cornering in your Mustang. These are also referred to as full length frame connectors or frame rails. They are constructed to fit your Mustang for the perfect fitment while maintaining great ground clearance. Choose from bare, painted, or powder coat finishes.

These Mustang strut tower braces are made of super-strong tubular steel that helps stabilize the front chassis even more. They come in a variety of colors and finishes, including black, gray, and chrome.

LMR's Mustang chassis brace kits will boost your track results, allowing you to blow past the competition in the corners without putting your Mustang chassis under stress! We have what you need, whether you have a fox Mustang or a brand new S550 Mustang GT!

The Mustang torque box reinforcement is located where the lower control arm of your Mustang meets the chassis. The added tension at the track or "back roads" weakens this over time, and it starts to crack. We have the heavy-duty torque box kits you need to stop this poor connection from causing any more harm! These kits are welded in place to have a long-term solution.

All major Mustang chassis braces are available here, including the common lower chassis brace, which bolts to the rear K-Member mounting points and reduces K-Member flex. Building the frame for your Mustang will provide long-term strength and reliability, allowing you to keep your Mustang on the road or on the track for the long haul.

Installing a Mustang roll bar or Mustang roll cage on a hot street car that sees track time is a must. Mustang roll bars are useful for a variety of reasons. They not only shield passengers in the event of a rollover, but they also stiffen the Mustang frame by connecting the unibody structure.