1979-1993 Fox Body Mustang Headers

Add horsepower and torque to your Fox Body with a set of 1979-1993 Mustang shorty headers or long tube headers! Shop our complete line of headers now!

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Fox Body Mustang Header Tech Guides

Mustang Shorty vs Long Tube Headers

Long tubes do make more power and torque versus a shorty header. So why would anybody ever purchase a shorty header?

How To Install Fox Body Mustang Long Tube Headers

If you are looking to add more HP & TQ to your Fox, look no further than a set of long tube headers. Follow our step by step guide to ensure that your 1979-93 Mustang's long tubes are installed properly.

How To Install Fox Body Mustang Shorty Headers

Late Model Restoration 1979-1993 Mustang Shorty header installation instructions will give you in-depth instructions on installing your new headers!

Fox Body Mustang Headers

Mustang headers are performance exhaust manifolds that replace your factory exhaust manifold to provide more power and performance. Factory manifolds are usually small and restrictive, leaving you with untapped performance. A set of aftermarket performance Mustang headers bolt right into place as your factory manifolds would and allow for more exhaust to flow. This increases power while sometimes allowing you more room in the engine bay to work on your motor. There are a few different styles which we will explain below.

Shorty headers are similar in shape and size to your factory manifolds but feature wider and smoother runners. This allows for better exhaust flow and frees up some horsepower. Mustang shorty headers from are available from various manufacturers.

Long tube headers are similar to shorty headers, except they extend much further down your exhaust. Long tube headers are the most popular upgrade as they free up the most horsepower and give you a much louder, deeper exhaust tone. Long tube headers are harder to install than shorty headers, but are worth the extra work.

Headers come in a few different sizes and finishes. Most Fox Body Mustang headers are available in a 1 5/8" or 1 3/4". The size you will need will be dependent on the power you are making. If you are running 350 horsepower +, a 1 3/4" header may be your best bet to make the most power.
Regarding finishes, most headers come in stainless steel, chrome, or ceramic coated finish. Ceramic-coated headers are usually the most expensive option, but for various reasons why. Ceramic-coated headers stay cooler than chrome or stainless steel headers, making quick fixes much easier. Chrome looks amazing in the engine bay but can start to tarnish and rust if not properly handled and taken care of.